Devices are "Unavailable"


I am using a Smarthings hub with Z-wave devices. Yesterday, I reset everything (removed, excluded and paired) and everything was working last night. This morning I saw that the hub was online but all the devices were “unavailable”. I started a Z-wave network repair about 3 hours ago and it is still ongoing.

Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated.



Reboot the hub again for safe measures.

(Bobby) #3

It shouldn’t take that long, no matter how many devices you have. How many do you have? Screen your event logs for bad devices…

(Robert Flemming) #4

Do you have by chance have CT100 thermostats? If so, check out this thread:



There seems to be a general bug, which SmartThings have acknowledged, which relates to z-wave and zigbee devices which are battery powered. Some have reported that z-wave plus battery powered devices are not affected.