Most of my devices all of a sudden are disconnected

Color of the led light on the hub?

Hub light is solid green.

Have you tried contacting ST support? Calling and speaking to a support rep is always the best method.

I have found that reaching out to @Brad_ST is way better and far less frustrating that dealing with ST phone support. My experience with phone support is that it has never been able to solve an issue for me. @Brad_ST has.

Happy to help where I can but I may not always be available.

When you say reboot, that means you cut power right? If you remove and reconnect the ethernet cable does that do anything? Is there activity on the ethernet port LEDs?

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I rebooted the hub via the ide a couple of times which did not resolve the issue. I will get a ladder and unplug everything and restart to see if that helps. Led is solid green.

Ok thanks and sorry about the ladder!

If the hub is reporting as inactive in the IDE, the reboot commands won’t work.


Looks like that worked?

I’ve flagged this but if anyone else experiences a hub reporting as offline/inactive but has a green LED, give it a power cycle.


Let me guess, your hub went down briefly (look in ide under Hub >> Hub Events) and that’s when your devices came back as disconnected. I had experienced the same thing earlier. Unplugging fixed the problem, but this smells like unannounced hub update to me :wink:

Well it worked for most of them but I still have disconnected devices.

This is what I am seeing. Not sure what it means.


That one is a little hard to read. Here is what I see in the logs.

Ouch! Your hub didn’t even come back after it went down. Mine went down around the same time. Hmmmm!

This problem is back. I rebooted several times and unplugged the hub allowing it to sit for a bit and several devices remain disconnected. @Brad_ST

You may want to open a ticket to track this. I have had another incident myself and tracked the problem to my network switch that the hub was plugged into. I didn’t open a ticket, but if it happens again, I will.


It is deja vu all over again. Numerous devices show “HUB_DISCONNECTED” in the IDE. This really seems to happen on a regular basis lately (every two weeks or so).

Edit: A cold reboot by unplugging the hub brought some but not all of the devices back. Sending a reboot command from the ide did nothing.


Between the times of 1:55 PM and 2:20 PM ET, some users in the Americas may have experienced issues with delays or intermittent failures in device control from the mobile app and automations. Users may have also seen issues with Hubs incorrectly showing offline.

These issues have been resolved but some users may still see delayed device health status updates while we ensure all services fully recover. We will provide updates as available.

Posted 5 minutes ago. Nov 04, 2019 - 14:49 EST

I just got that email also. I am definitely one of those users that “may see delayed device health status updates” as noted in the ST’s incident. I am still seeing the same thing and have additional devices falling offline as we speak.

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