Hub showing my devices offline

Anyone still having problem with devices showing offline in IDE. My problems started yesterday with the Smarthings Platform issues. Things seemed to be functioning this morning but when I sent a command to alexa she said the device was not responding but the command was completed. In my IDE I have one device showing online and alexa responds normally.

I have since cold booted the hub with batteries removed plus issued a reboot command with no change in device status. I can issues commands with the smarthings app. The favorites page in the app shows my favorite devices as unavailable.

Looking for clues to resolve my issue.

Still on-going for some…

Good to know I’m not alone. Thanks

I have been having a bear of a time with the older Multipurpose and leak/moisture sensor. I have a case going on with them right now over it.

I have done a lot of remove batteries, unplug, wait 7-10 minutes, plug back in, re-add batteries with this.

My problems seem to be on the Zigbee side. Z-wave seems to work, along with most of the integrations.