Z-Wave Devices Not Woking

I’m having a serious headache with my Smartthings about 3 days ago. Devices show up randomily offline in ide, even if I get them back online they don’t respond or respond with 20-30m delay. I can manually turn all switches and outlets, some even update on Smartthings classic immediately but will not respond when turning on or off from the app. Truly frustrating! I have 30 odd devices most of them are z-wave. My two zigbee motion sensors are reporting fine. Any ideas? I’m on v2 hub using classic app.

have you run z-wave repair? any errors? try turning off device health to see if that has any effect.

Yes many times, runs through the whole process no errors and still nothing responds. Sometime more devices go offline after a z-wave repair :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

contact ST support at https://support.smartthings.com

Just finished debugging similar issues with help from the ST staff pouring through the hub logs. When you see a response notification that’s about 20-30 minutes that means the response didn’t come through to the hub/server initially and then the devices was polled later the change in state was processed and then showed up. In this case it pointed to a Z-Wave mesh issue (or possibly an internet issue). Rebooting the hub often helps and then doing a Z-Wave repair. Also it turned out that one of the Z-Wave repeaters was faulty and once removed from the mesh things started working better (this was more difficult to diagnose).

It’s a little tricky as you’ve got to see what’s happening after 20-30 minutes, the hub doesn’t retry commands (as yet). So most likely it’s the state change notification that wasn’t received when the command was executed.

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Called SmartThings Support, only option was to reset the HUB and start over. 50 odd devices to re-add with automations was not my favorite thing to do on New Years Eve. Everything so far appears to be working well, but this process of exclude/include is too much a pain.