Major issue with device connectivity (ALL TYPES) past few days

As of the past few days my ST v1 is losing connection to my devices on a regular basis. I can see the commands being sent in the log, but nothing happens. Each time, I unplug and replug my ST to reboot it, and the all my devices work again - for an hour or two, and the once again they stop working.

Is anyone else seeing this? Was a bad firmware pushed out? It really has started all of a sudden the past 2-3 days. ST is essentially useless to me in this state, nothing works for more than a few hours.

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I still have a v1 hub. I’m not experiencing anything like this. Did you open a ticket with support?

I am using V1 hub on shard 1 and haven’t been having any issues either.

I usually treat support as a last resort because usually they can’t / wont do any troubleshooting I can’t do myself (try rebooting it, etc) and it wastes a lot of time.

Anyone have any advanced troubleshooting steps for me? My next step is to try hard-resetting the device.

You haven’t moved your hub, moved or replaced your access point, etc? Maybe something interfering with your radios? Have you tried leaving the hub off for at least 20 minutes to rebuild the zigbee mesh and then running a z-save repair a couple times? Probably won’t help but worth a shot before starting from scratch. Sounds like support hasn’t helped you in the past but they have looked into some issues and been of help for me in the past.

My hub interferes with my television antenna signal (I can see the picture glitch each time a light is turned on or off) but have been too lazy to move the hub. LOL

Maybe @JDRoberts has some suggestions.

Your choice I suppose. My experiences with support have been very variable, probably depends on the knowledge/motivation of the person assigned to the ticket and the nature of the problem. But sometimes they can see (and help fix) stuff on the back end, especially if it’s something specific to your setup and not a widespread issue. And if it is a widespread issue, the more tickets that are opened, the more they’ll actually devote resources to getting it resolved.

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Please do not hesitate to DM your ticket number is you ever have a less than stellar experience with support. We want to do everything to keep you loving SmartThings.

That said, often times when an agent says turn it off and back on, it’s not just a brush off. Many issues can be addressed by clearing the cache or soft resetting!

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Many zigbee issues reported after the recent update.

A few people have also reported zwave issues since that update, but not many, and the timing on those might be coincidental.

Definitely report it to support if only to increase their “hot topic” numbers, which influences the number of resources assigned to finding fixes.

But also in this particular case they may indeed be some zigbee issues that they can see from their side.

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Thanks Aaron. In the last several months I’ve had fewer reasons to contact support in the first place, which is ideal. And response times have been generally better than what I used to experience.

+1 for me. ST v2. rebooting hub will get things running again for no more than 8 hours and it flakes out again. Support is trying to help but after a week of back-and-forth emails, its frustrating.

I have mostly ZWave devices and have had a horrible time after this update. Device connectivity drops completely after a few hours of a hub reset. Support is stumped and we’re in the dark, literally…

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So I wanted to clarify something - when I said support is my normal last resort, I meant in general a cross everything technology in my life, not Smart things specifically. I’ve been a software and hardware hacker for 20 years and can usually figure stuff out myself. I have not had any bad experience (actually no experience at all with smart things support until now).

So here is my report, yesterday I engaged support via chat. I got a nice fellow named Matthew. We troubleshooted the problem for hours and hours, changed various things (removed some integrations, rebooted the device, even rebooted most every network device in my house and my cable modem) . Every time the problem came back after a few hours.

The problem as explained to me is that even though the HTTPS connection is open to the cloud, and the device is sending updates TO Smart things, it is not responding to any commands FROM the cloud.

He told me they have seen this problem before and still don’t know the cause. They thought at first it was Sonos but I don’t have one of those. Then they thought it was my Myq device, but removing that didn’t help.

In the end, I don’t have a solution and they want to check back in Monday with a senior tech.

It sounds from this thread like many others are having the same problem. I am starting to wonder if it’s actually a problem on the server end. Maybe something changed in the networking stack?

I will forward this thread to them so they can maybe tie the cases together.

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I’m with you on the Support as a last resort - not because I’m better than anyone else, but you have to dig in for a long, time-consuming process.
Today and yesterday Matthew and Nate helped me, too. The last suggestion was to plug my ST Hub directly into a cablemodem to expose it to the open internet with no router, no firewall, no protection of any kind. This was after explaining multiple times that the current network setup has been in place for 2+ years with no changes. Asking someone to expose a network device with home configuration info to the internet is simply a horrible suggestion, in my view. SMH…

If this can’t be sorted on Monday my next step is to set up a MITM device to sniff the SSL connection myself to see what is happening.

Aaron, how would we go about getting a ticket #? I cannot find a support portal other than the email/phone at I chose email because it takes a few hours after a ST Hub reset for the problem to reoccur, and waiting on the phone is not practical. I’ve looked in the thread and do not see a ticket number anywhere.

I’m running v.2 and have had the same problems also the last 4-5 days. All of my lights have stopped responding. I’ll do a hard reset and the lights respond for 1-2 hours and then off they go again. All of my other sensors are responding fine but my lights (ge link, belkin and lightify) nothing. I’ve been back and forth with support but haven’t heard from them in a few days.

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Mike, please keep in touch - I have exactly the same problem (your symptoms match mine exactly), but support is pointing to my network gear (in place since before ST was installed). If multiple people have and report this same problem, it just seems to me like it wouldn’t be our individual network gear but something central - that is unless we’re all using identical network equipment, which is unlikely.

Sometime between last Sunday 12/11 and Wednesday 12/14, we’ve been in the ‘dark’ - literally.

If you get any tips or solutions, please do share. I’ll do the same.

…PS: I should add that our issue is with GE/Jasco and Aeon/Aeotec Switches primarily. They don’t respond to the mobile app, but will respond when an event triggers them (like a door switch opening that has been set to turn on the swtich). I haven’t dug to see if thermostats and other devices are affected. The IDE and mobile app logs show ALL activity, but the switches don’t actually turn on and off when the log shows they are doing so.

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When you submitted an email to support, you should have received an auto response with a ticket number. If not, DM me the email you used to contact support

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Tracy this jives exactly with what I am seeing. When this issue happens, all sensor devices keep “reporting in”. I have door and window sensors as well as a motion sensor, and all keep working. Thermostat seems to keep reporting temp properly as well. It is simply that you can’t send any outbound commands until you reboot.

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Thanks Aaron. The handshake was caught in a spam filter. I’ve located it and have replied to the latest request in the thread and will continue to work the support process (I do understand the value of answering and trying Tier 1 support’s requests in order to eliminate possibilities). The issue, however, is not a network change on my end - and others in this thread are having the same problem. I’ll reach out by PM and find out if we’re using the same network gear, which is unlikely but possible, and will report back here (and on the ticket) what we find.

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