Hub v2 lost connection; hub 2 months old; thinking of switching to Wink

I am completely aggravated with Smartthings right now. I had a hub that wasn’t updating and causing some issues so they replaced it. Now under 2 months the V2 hub has lost connection and can’t get it to reconnect after power cycles. I had been having issues with smart bulbs and ended up through 2 out thinking they were bad, to find out later that the hub was the problem and now doesn’t connect to internet and therefore any devices. ST still hasn’t responded to ticket, but this happened right after the last update. Surprised I’m the only one affected. This sucks!!

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is the LED is blinking blue on the front of it?

I’m not sure why you’d just toss 2 smart bulbs without first ruling out the hub as the problem, seeing as how it was a common denominator (not to mention the cost of most smart bulbs)…and the fact that it was a replacement for another ST hub that you had problems with.

Have you checked your router to make sure there isn’t some problem there? Maybe try rebooting it?

No, its red. Even tried to reset it, just flashes red.

I did a little more troubleshooting than you think and there has been no other issues with hub until now. I have had issues for over a week on and off with bulbs. Anyway, yes, the router is good and everything else connects through it fine and yes even rebooted.

I saw another post yesterday where someone had the same issue as you.

i don’t know if i’ve ever heard of the same person have 2 hub go bad. Have you played the lottery lately?

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That’s not what I said. The first one wasn’t update according to ST. Never mind, don’t need the sarcasm.