After no issues for YEARS now V2 hub won't stay connected. What has ST done?

What has ST changed? I have a V2 hub (STH-ETH-200) that has been rock solid for YEARS and about 2 months ago it started dropping it’s connection (solid blue light). Has happend 5 or 6 times recently. Happened Saturday and has happened AGAIN today. Seems competely random. I NEVER even thought about the hub till now. It has worked flawlessly.

I reboot the hub and router because neither the app nor the hub helps you trouble shoot anything. Usually comes back in 15 minutes to 30 minutes. I’ll look at the hub and the light will have just turned back green on its own. UGH!

If I contact support you KNOW their rookie level 1 techs are going to ask me to crawl around on the floor behind my furniture checking my stuff as they go through they’re "I have no idea rote process. Which will result in time wasted and no fix.

Like everybody I have a dozens of devices attached to the my network (wired and wireless) and everything else is rock solid. NOTHING is different on my end… this is on their end. What have they changed? Is there a known fix? Thanks for your indulgence.