General flaky ST behavior with V1 hub (Summer 2019)

I’ve been using my V1 hub now for several years, with only an occasional hiccup. Over the last few months, several of my devices (different types, different manufacturers) have started misbehaving. Lights turning on by themselves, smart speaker stops playing sounds, virtual switches stop controlling devices, and last night, the final straw, my alarm goes off in the middle of the night triggered by a door sensor that erroneously reported it had been opened.

I don’t know what to make of all of this. Is my hub failing? Are there software updates causing this? I’m just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what the cause might be?


I am not sure of the cause of the issues that you are experiencing but I have not seen any of these behaviors and am running on a V1 hub with approximately 150 devices (75 physical and 75 virtual). I do know that our hubs have not received any software updates for quite awhile now.

Thanks. I have about 40 devices. I tried rebuilding the Zwave network and powered off the hub for a few hours to force a Zigbee rebuild. I’ll see if that fixes it.

I’m just wondering if it’s worth upgrading to a V3 hub?

I don’t plan on upgrading until my hub dies or I’m forced to because it becomes unsupported in some way. I really haven’t had any issues with the cloud aspect of the system.

Hopefully, the hard power cycle will fix your issues and you won’t have to worry about upgrading (and excluding/re-including all of your devices & rebuilding all of your automations) today.

Within an hour of plugging the hub back in, one of the lights started coming on randomly again, so it certainly seems like the hub is driving this behavior.

So here’s my question - if I decide to factory reset the hub and blow away all of my devices, what’s the easiest way to add them back in? Many of them are wired inline - like GE wall switches - and there is no easy way to cut power to them individually. It seems when I bring up the “new” hub I’ll have a ton of devices showing up (because they will all be on) but I won’t know which one is which.