Lowe's store-wide clearance sale including some Iris products

Scored at my stores too. Gonna look more tomorrow!

I don’t think the ones in the plastic bible packs work with SmartThings.

Also, ask them to check inventory. They had 2 plugs on the shelf, and 10 more in the cubby above :flushed:


Those small square motions on the left are not compatible. You should return them.

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So what’s the difference between short box and tall box models? Besides price :wink:

One of my local Lowes cancelled my whole order because they couldn’t find them. I went in, found all the items and more. Score!

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Short box is the new -L2 version released at the beginning of this year; it looks like at last check they didn’t work with ST, possibly pending a new DH.

L2 models work

Is there a new DH required, or manual assignment of an appropriate handler? The only threads I was able to find were about people having problems pairing them.

I have no need for none of this but the contacts were $5 and the Iris Plugs were only $10. Add the $20 off of $100 and…well


If you want to, I’m willing to take 4 of those plugs off your hands.

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I got 9 contacts for 5.00 each, 2 plug in zwave dimmers and 2 plug in zwave switches for 10.00 each.

I had an empty spot on my shelf, it’s full now!


Ok, I really don’t need them. Don’t even know how I ended with so many.

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These things are like shoes are to women… we had to buy them… they were on sale!

PM where to send the money plus the cost of shipping to 35043 and I’ll paypal it right over.


Crap… nevermind… let someone else get them from you. sorry

Do you need a Lowe’s code? Go here?


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I have extra outlets. Anybody have extra contacts? Want to trade 2 contacts for an outlet?

Sure, I picked up more than I need but couldn’t resist.

I’ll send you a PM and we’ll see if we can make sense of it with shipping.

I also found some iris door sensors for $5 and a dimmable GE outlet for $10. I’m going by the packaging of a box it’s comparable with ST and if it’s in plastic packaging it’s not.

I also bought an IRIS camera rc8221 for $22 in a box . However I couldn’t figure out while I was in the store if that were or were not compatible. I could only find a post about the V1 rc8221 not being compatible. Anyone got one to work?

Also wish the plastic wrapped iris motion sensors would work… I”m not 100% sure on the plastic vs box theory.

The motions in the plastic blister packs use a proprietary Zigbee that is only compatible with Iris. And they are super old, many years old in fact.

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Just picked up some in Long Island, NY. Stores here do not show real prices on the shelf, but rang properly at checkout. Also, have Lowes app on your phone and it will show the right price.