Iris Smart Plug for $23.30 + Buy 2 Get 1 Free (In-Store)

Lowe’s has an unpublished deal in-store. You can get a free Iris Smart Plug when you buy 2. On top of that, they’re already on sale for $23.30! (Usually $34.99)

You will likely need to instruct the cashier to ring up the 3rd unit for free (and they will have to have a manager override).

The deal is show on a sign posted by the Iris section. Sign says the deal is good until December 5th.

I’ve gotten the deal at two different stores in the area… of course, YMMV.


Wow, that’s a good deal for you. Apparently, the manager didn’t understand the sale - also why it had to be done manually. They are $34.99 with a 33.4% discount (making them $23.30). If you bought two at full price that comes to the same total, hence the get one free.

Yeah, I thought it was a scary good deal…

The auto discount from $34.99 to $23.30 seemed like the full discount at first, but upon asking (because the wording is pretty vague), the managers at the two stores were all too willing to give the 3rd one for free after looking at the sign in the store.

Oh well… it’s not like I don’t spend way too much money at Lowes!! lol


Such confusing sale…
I just ordered two in each of the two Lowe’s nearby… And both of them called me back saying they only had one. Welp.

Yeah, the stock does seem to be rather limited. :frowning:

The above store has 1 in stock at that insane price! It will only allow you go order 1 for delivery, but you can place multiple orders! I had bought 2 at full price 2 weeks ago and when I found this deal I placed 2 orders of 1 each, both are being delivered tomorrow! Other persons have ordered as many as 10 orders and have gotten shipping notifications but YMMV.

At this price it’s worth a try in my book though! Wish I could find a store with the motion sensors on a crazy sale too :thinking:

I find the ‘was $14’ funny…

No Shipping delivery only on end

Wow, guess they caught on lol.

Wow, yeah… that price is insanely low. I only ever saw the $23.30 online wherever I looked. But hey, I’m still happy with 3 of them for $46.60. lol

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Actually I thought I had seen that same price here last week along with the 72" lightify strips for $41.00
I placed a few orders for both. With $15 off both items came in under $40

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Any links to $15 off $50? The usual site doesn’t seem to work anymore

There’s a new site. Check slickdeals for it~ the keyword is generate.

Seems I’m a bit late to the party as that site is down too

So I might be dumb, but can you actually get these to work with Smartthings? I bought one a while back because of it being cheaper than the Smartthings branded plug but I could never get it to pair with my hub.

I have 2 currently and they work perfectly.

Didn’t see the sign in my local store. Yesterday, I purchased 5 online for store pickup. Got them for $23.30.

I went to two different stores yesterday and bought a total of 6 (each store only had 3) and i didn’t see that sign anywhere at either store. But still at $23.30 not complaining.

Yes, these are compatible. So are the contact sensors (and those work well too). These Smart Plugs have an additional advantage of including a separate Z-Wave repeater along with the Zigbee radio for controlling the switch itself.

-Ben K

I wonder if they finally caught on…