Lowe's store-wide clearance sale including some Iris products

I was in Lowes during lunch today and they are having a huge store clearance sale for all departments. My local store had tables setup all over the store. I scored an Iris smart power outlet for $9.50, was only one even though there were identical ones in the Iris section for normal price. There was also an Iris combo pack that I didn’t need and some older non-ST compatible motions.

Regardless its worth checking with your local stores because there are all kinds of deals on many different products ST and household related.


Can never have enough Iris Plugs!

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Indeed these are good prices. Too bad i don’t need any devices right now.

Score! $50 after coupon.

Another $50…


Weird I can’t find more at other stores.

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What’s your zipcode where they are on sale?

Not sure of zip but Use bethlehem pa Lowe’s.

Wait, don’t you have shelves full of unused stuff!?!


Charlotte, NC several stores

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Sweet 250 lumen flashlight for $5

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v1 leak sensors on clearance for $10:

Picked up 5 window/door sensors and a key fob for $5ea

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How in the hell are you all finding these!!! My zipcode is 27265 and I am finding nada…

I found IRIS outlets for $9.50 at a nearby store, ordered online for store pickup and now when I went to check status online, they cancelled it without any notification. :frowning:
Might be best to pick these things up in person if you can.

Yes - This bonanza has happened before. Sometimes they have them, sometimes they don’t. Just ordered these for $120 after coupon. I have a lot of lowes by me.

Thanks! Snagged outlets, motion sensors and my first water leak sensor!

I have another Lowes that I forgot to check. I just picked up 11 Iris Zigbee plugs for $9.50 each - $20 coupon - 2% ebates.

Update. One order is ready so far. Some items cancelled but the let me keep the $20 off coupon. They called me and confirmed that 7 iris plugs are ready for pick up.

7 Plugs for $9.53 each. Not bad.

Looks like we’ve cleaned them out of motion sensors; I couldn’t find them in a web search this morning and when I reloaded the page I had open on my phone from yesterday, it redirected to the new version at full price. Glad I persisted to track down the 2 units they had on hand at my store last night - they had them in the cage up front without a shelf marker or pickup ticket in the HA section, is that typical?

Lowe’s is terrible at inventory.


For those having trouble, I went to Brickseek.com to find inventory near me. It will tell you which stores near you are discounting. I have only three Lowe’s near me that were discounting. The other 3 did not.

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