Lowe's store-wide clearance sale including some Iris products

More ready to pick up.

Thanks to you I searched through all the Iris product codes to see which were discounted and cleaned out my area stores of plugs and moisture sensors. Wish I’d known about that before I went out yesterday…

local stores only had the outlet and key fob on clearance, but I picked up several. Not sure what for yet…

I take it they are clearancing the non L2 products?

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When I picked up the motion sensors, the staff had trouble finding it, when they looked it up they said it was a “non-stock” item. They were tucked behind the L2 items in the cage (and only visible because the older products had a box that was twice as tall) - so yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what’s happening.

Already have my locks but these are the best prices I’ve seen!


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Damn, only 50% off at one store near me :cry:

Even 50% off is a slamming deal.

Since what I really want is a Convert, it’s more of a $50 “need” than a $90 need :wink:

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full price at all the stores around me. :cry:

Sweet! Was able to score 12 plugs and 4 sensors. Price on button fob was higher. No motion sensors. But I have all I need of those. :blush:

Update: went 4 miles to the next one and got a couple more sensors and a couple of those fobs.

Scored at my stores too. Gonna look more tomorrow!

I don’t think the ones in the plastic bible packs work with SmartThings.

Also, ask them to check inventory. They had 2 plugs on the shelf, and 10 more in the cubby above :flushed:


Those small square motions on the left are not compatible. You should return them.

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So what’s the difference between short box and tall box models? Besides price :wink:

One of my local Lowes cancelled my whole order because they couldn’t find them. I went in, found all the items and more. Score!

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Short box is the new -L2 version released at the beginning of this year; it looks like at last check they didn’t work with ST, possibly pending a new DH.

L2 models work

Is there a new DH required, or manual assignment of an appropriate handler? The only threads I was able to find were about people having problems pairing them.

I have no need for none of this but the contacts were $5 and the Iris Plugs were only $10. Add the $20 off of $100 and…well


If you want to, I’m willing to take 4 of those plugs off your hands.

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