Lowes Iris Smart Button $6.25 (clearance)

( Cosmo) #1

Unbeatable to get a 2 function button with temperature sensor. Native ST handler/supported device.
(Use the custom handler instead for temp sensor).

Most of the stores selling the Iris smart buttons on clearance have been $10.
This morning at least 150 stores have marked the down to $6.25, there’s a handful at $7.50, and everything from $10 to normal price of $20.

Need Recommendation for inexpensive temp sensors
(Jordon) #2

It says the sale lasts until 4/17 I wonder if that also means for the price. Want to maybe wait and see if other products go on sale so I can bundle them up

(Crispy) #3

I’ve only got a single store within 100 miles of me that has them down to $6.25, and only two that ever even reduced to the $10 price point :cry:

(Dale C) #4

Just grabbed 3 of them $7.50, Thanks!

(Mohit Sood) #5

Can some put the link for them here?

(Bernie H) #6

Be careful the battery setup is terrible on these and breaks easily.

(John Kiniston) #7

Is it this one?

Item # 690401

( Cosmo) #8

Yes that one.

(Dale C) #9

this is weird, that is exactly the one but when I used your link it pulls up with the normal price $20? It was $7.50 at the same store just a little while ago… I wonder if it is limited qty?

(Jeremy) #10

Wish I lived in Coeur d’Alene…4 of them @ $6.25


Once a store runs out of stock, it goes back to regular price on the website.

(Kelly K.) #12

In for the last two at my local store @ $6.25… we’ll see if they complete the order.

(BrazucaNY) #13



(Pete) #14

3 left at my local store, but they were $10 each.


Got 2 for $6.25 local pickup at my store…less 5%using my Lowe’s card…and been called to come pickup…thanks for the post…

(David) #16

Grabbed the last 6 from my local Lowe’s. After picking up a trash barrel that I needed anyway and grabbing a $15 off $50 from eBay I paid $4.86 apiece. :thumbsup:

Updated: I just went back online to my local store to grab the url for the buttons and the price is back to $19.99 as they are now OOS.

(Realy Living Dream) #17

My local store is $20 , store by daughter’s work is OOS, only 1 store within 50 miles that has any in stock for <$20 & they are $15 ,so not worth the trip to save $5

( Cosmo) #18

I’m pretty sure these things are going to step down in price all over the country in a staggered fashion, everybody keeps her eyes peeled I’m sure it’ll be something that keeps coming up

(Stephen) #19

How well do they work?

(Michael Hess) #20

Marginally. Some are OK, some are just junk. I have one in my son’s room and he only complains once a week or so… And that one is OK.