New iris contact sensor model? (-L2)

Does anyone know the difference between the two iris contact sensors for sale at (besides the price)? The PDF manual is the same for both so maybe its just a glitch on their website?

Model # 3320-L2

Model # 3320-L

The -L2’s are a new generation, they already did that with the smart plug. Not sure what the technical differences are, it’s apparently not anything that requires a disclosure, but the model numbers are different suffixes. Could just be a new manufacturer, that’s fairly common in consumer electronics.

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Remember a post where someone was having issues with the L2 pairing. They went back and got the regular L version and all was well. Can’t remember which device and the search function has failed me. However, I have seen where someone has vouched for the L2 Contact.

The L is cheaper and proven to be reliable…


new packaging is all I can tell. Might have a new fingerprint, which is why someone had trouble pairing. Should at minimum pair as a thing and then manually assign it the smartsense device type.

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FIrst gen contact sensors don’t work with ST. Second Gen do. You can integrate first gen contact sensors if you have an Iris hub and you integrate through IFTTT but as far as direct pairing, only capable with gen 2’s.

Neither of those model numbers are the first gen. There is now a third generation of sensors that has the same model numbers as the second gen with a 2 added on the end. The sensor itself physically appears the same, but have a new box.


I confirmed via the iris website, there are two generations of Iris Contact sensors. They may be 22848 model numbers for all I care. But there are two generations. The first do not work with ST and the second ones do. Period. End of discussion. Do you want to dispute that?


Ever thought about charm school?

Jimmy is correct. I am not sure why you are arguing otherwise. And, as others have also mentioned, there are reports of some folks having pairing issues with the ‘2’ designated models.

Gen 2:

Gen 2 but L2 model (these are the ones some folks have reported issues with):

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They are the exact same sensor. There are only two types of Iris contact sensor. Why are you trying to argue differently? What are the differences between those two? Packaging? Big deal. That won’t affect the performance of the sensor. It’s more likely that this person just happened to get a bad sensor.

Okay. You must be right. And the folks having issues must be wrong.

My bad :astonished:

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What “all these people”? This is the first post I’ve seen with this issue. I did a search and the last person to report a problem was in January. I’d say that’s damn good.

I’m more than happy to participate in a conversation but not with someone who feels the need to respond to threads and argue in such a combative manner.

I provided my input to the thread.

Have a great weekend Ryan.

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Cop-out. Don’t make claims you’re not willing to back up.

What is your definition of a new model?

If you would have looked at the models the OP linked to you would see that neither of them are the first gen. Why you even brought them up only adds confusion to the discussion.

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On either of the 2 pages you linked to , if you go to Specifications in clearly say for the L2 that it does NOT work with Smartthings, while L says it does.

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There have been reports of the L2 not pairing…:roll_eyes:


OMG… Look on the iris website. There are 2 sensors. Look at the pic of the website. How are you supposed to ensure you get the right model?
You can’t because it doesn’t matter!!! You don’t think that the Lowes website is wrong? Yeah cause they never get anything wrong in their listing. Cause the z wave plus switch has Bluetooth, that is if you believed the Lowes website till they finally corrected it. I give up.

Title says, “New iris contact sensor model?”…There’s 3 sensors. 2 that look exactly the same but the newer one is known to have issues with SmartThings.

We all are wrong sometimes but knowing when to admit and move on speaks volumes.

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No there is not. Look at the iris website I linked to. There are two. Think you better save that humble pie for yourself there chief.