Lowe's Iris Sensors (New CentraLite models)

What device type are you utilizing by chance

Both of my contact and motion sensors don’t update temp automatically. I have to press the Refresh button in the app. I use the built-in Smartsense Open/Close and Motion Sensor device type for the sensors.

The contact should. Mine reports in hourly or on temp change, whichever comes first.

I checked with my Lowe’s and apparently they’re expecting the fobs and smart buttons tomorrow.

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Which device type are you using?

Just as another data point, my Lowe’s in Eastern PA has the contact/motion sensors and the keypad with several blank product hooks waiting for more new products.

They were also displaying several sizes of the Keen Home Smart Vents and, in an almost criminal display of apathy towards their customers, a $200 Ivee Sleek. I bought mine for $29.99 on clearance at Staples almost a year ago and still haven’t gotten my money’s worth out of the thing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Has anyone had a contact sensor fail?? Mine worked a couple hours ago and now is dead. Battery is goof. I have delete and tried to readd, but the hub will no longer detect the sensor

It happens. Just return it. By some estimates about 10 to 15% of electronics devices bought at the big hardware stores are defective. It’s annoying, but it’s one of the reasons these devices are relatively so inexpensive.

I figured as much but thought I was see if there were any tricks I was missing

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I visited a different Lowes today and they had reset the Iris area with the new products including the keypad. They had the Keen smart vents as well as a contact sensor from NYCE.


wow that looks very interesting… that type of open/close sensor will definitely have a much higher xAF than the surface mounted ones…

That was my thought as well. My wife said “what did you stick on the door now”?

According to their website, NYCE has a ton of new products being released in 2015 but I couldn’t find anyone that are selling them yet.

Sorry for the delayed response. I will list my precise device types in the AM when I can properly look them up.

On a side note it works well if I run two instances to get two keypad numbers. But when I go to three I get some odd beeps and the “mode” button of shm stays on and flashes a bit, very odd!

I will investigate more tomorrow.

Use the device types MitchP posted further up in this thread. I did and both the open/close and motion sensors are working perfect. Updating temp about every hour or when there is a temp change.

I have one of the smart fobs, So far i haven’t been able to get it working. It does connect as a “thing”. But I am not a hacker by any means. It’s Larger than I thought it would be. Roughly 1.5" x 2"

Edit: So far I have tried multiple device types with no success live logging says “91f90764-31c7-472b-bf74-a47bf951db88 1:47:42 PM: error java.net.SocketException: Connection reset @ line 261” when I press a button regardless of what device type is selected. I assume it’s because all of the device types that I have found are likely for z wave and not zigbee.

2nd Edit: I though I would get lucky when I stumbled upon this code for zigbee 3 button Wireless, Battery Operated Wall Switch

But it didn’t work either, although logs show: “91f90764-31c7-472b-bf74-a47bf951db88 2:11:28 PM: debug getChildDevices(true), children=3
91f90764-31c7-472b-bf74-a47bf951db88 2:11:28 PM: info Refreshing data…”

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These Look Awesome I would love to know when someone tries one.

I would try the device type for the securifi fob. They’re likely very similar. Could you post the raw description of the device from the IDE?

This? or where is the raw description? I just tried the securify device type with button button controller smartapp with no success.

Interesting. You’re missing a line below data that should say raw description

Do these iris door and motions work with hub v1. All I get is thing to connect. I used above device type. ???