Iris contact sensor $17.99

Just picked up three off these with a 10 off 50 code…

Work with SmartThings?

Yes these work with smartthings I’ve been using them since they came out. These are the second gen. Haven’t had any problems with disconnect or battery.

Fastest motion sensor I have and it has a little flash of light that you can see when it detects motion so you can know how long ST is taking from the time you saw the light flash.

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Contact, not motion. Different thread from the one we were in yesterday with the Amazon Iris Motion. :slight_smile:
But yes, both of these are the best sensors I have in my network!


I was wondering why this thread seemed different. Anyways, I also have a bunch of these and they work well.

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So I picked up a couple of these at the local Lowe’s. With military discount, about $15. You can’t go wrong, right?

On the other hand, I paired very easily to the hub, but they will not identify with the Smart Home Monitoring. Even tried changing the Device Type from SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor to SmartSense Multi Sensor. No joy in Mudville. :confounded:

Any thoughts or suggestions to be had?


  • Nate

Did you go into your SHM settings and add them? I use a lot of these with SHM and added them in phases.

Mine paired as a “SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor” on it’s own.

Have you tried more than one? Or try resetting the one you have.

When I go to SHM, it does not report as available to add as Open/Close Sensor.

I have a few more, but just tried the first one. I will mount a couple more and see…


Try changing it to smart sense multi sensor. I have some as smart sense and smart sense open close.

I have one set as SmartSense Open/Close Sensor and another set as SmartSense Multi Sensor. Neither one shows up in the Smart Home Monitoring as a sensor device :frowning:

I have a bunch of these and I use them in SHM. I’m using Iris Open/close sensor DTH by @mitchp


The link you provided is to the Iris Motion/Temp Sensor. I could not find an Open/Close Sensor handler. Do you have a better link, or possibly the actual DTH you are having success with?

Unfortunately, because Iris is not on the list of “Works with SmartThings”, support is not able to provide much assistance.

Iris contact will ( should ) just pair with the standard OC DTH. I have a bunch of them and never had any issues getting them included.

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Thank you, RL. The issue is not with the sensor being paired, or with reporting condition. I get the proper feedback using any of the DTHs. Unfortunately, in SHM, the sensor does not identify as being able to be used as an Armed Away or Armed Stay sensor.

I’d try resetting it and reincluding it. I have 1/2 dozen of them and they work fine as triggers and in SHM


You are mostlycorrect.

They do report in SHM when I use the “Use every open/close and motion sensor” option. But when de-selecting this option, the individual devices do not report as available sensors for selection, even if I change the device type to SmartSense Open/Close Sensor like my SmartThings Multi Sensors.

So in a sense, the Iris works (and for $15 each, I guess I shouldn’t complain! :smiley:), but there seems to be something evil afoot with identification of the manufacturer. But that’s just the paranoia talking! LOL!

Thank you all for your assistance with this!

I agree with @RLDreams, I have over a dozen of these and have 0 issues with them and their ‘default’ setup. I pull the strip letting the battery make contact, I add them to ST, they are detected and report open/close and temp, then I add them to automations and SMH. I’ve had 0 issues out of any of them. Across the whole house, every window (minus 2 upstairs) has one of these sensors, all exterior doors have them, and some interior doors. It is my recommended open/close sensor on how easy to use it is, and its price.

Different batches of build from Iris…maybe. But the last sensor I installed was at most 2 months ago. So yea, I think something is afoul in your setup/account. Because it does not match what the majority here have experienced @AnoProp.