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Lowe's Iris is officially history!


(Jimmy) #42

yup. that screen shot is from two days ago pairing with the default handler. they just added the fingerprint to the standard z-wave repeater handler.

(Ron Talley) #43

Seriously, I’m going to go up there and ask what did they do with all the Iris stuff…Has to be somewhere.

(Dan) #44

Please report back your findings!


I spoke to customer support via their text option. I was told they’re sending the devices back to the manufacturer


Centralite will probably be happy to sell the ones they made to smartthings customers. Nortek can certainly sell theirs to somebody.

(Daniel Ionescu) #47

That’s what I was also told in store earlier today.

(Steve White) #48

Just checked out the device type on github. Looks like they used the same method of checking the device status that I did in my Iris Repeater driver I released a year ago. I’m not crazy on them polling the device every 5 minutes. That adds up quickly if you have a couple dozen plugs.

(jkp) #49

(Steve) #50

Hello all,

I too am looking at options to replace my IRIS security system. The question is am I in the right place? I see two version of Smartthings:

  1. Smartthings hub on Amazon
  2. Smartthings starter kit

The starter kit doesn’t have a hub like I see in the first link, rather it looks like a combined hub/keypad. The second link is an ADT/Samsung security product with a monitoring cost of $24.95/month. Does the first hub as have monitoring?

Quite confused here, thanks for any clarifications!


(Jimmy) #51

@sfink16 I would start a separate thread in the projects section for your conversion. Once you get into the differences between the different hubs there will be more questions. There’s also a couple posts there already about converting that may answer some questions.

(Steve) #52

Thanks Jimmy! I’ll take a look when I get a chance.


Just a heads up to everyone getting the notification from Iris. I re-paired a first gen Iris keypad I had from a while back, and a first gen Iris motion sensor, hoping to get that updated into my total items I’ll be reimbursed for. It didn’t change the number of devices. It only shows one of my two keypads, so I might try calling Iris and asking them to add those devices to my list.

I tried rebooting the hub via the Iris portal, and rebuilding the Iris network and still no luck. Kinda crappy since both devices I bought from Lowe’s, haven’t worked steadily since I bought them, and just unpaired them.

(Mike) #54

There have been several people who have gotten additional reimbursements for devices not connected at time of the snapshot. You need to call support, prepare to be on the phone for awhile . You will also need to connect the additional devices before you call. There will probably be a long hold and then the support people have to get a supervisor approval, which they say usually takes a bit. As I understand it the max they will give you is $300. You can try to get more but they say if you do that you will have to wait several months to get it, the $300 will be sent as a separate card that will be sent out at the same time as the first batch of reimbursements.

I am going to try this week. I have about 11 additional devices I connected and I have about 5 more contact sensors but no batteries for them. These 11 devices should get me the max $300, though.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #56

This sure sounds like impractical or useless nonsense. If the code had any significant value, surely they could have found a buyer.

Perhaps they are trying appease some of the development teams (some are contract development firms); Lowes certainly doesn’t want to be associated with the product line failure as soon as they can get it out of the stores and refunds fulfilled.

(Ernest ) #57

O Samsung please hear me out, I’m a iris customer who has been set out to sail, please find away to add IRIS GEN 2 KEYPAD, And the UTILITECH GLASS BREAK SENSORS. I really don’t want to loose my security system and the ADT option really isn’t going to cut it, they are being just like IRIS and not letting other devices work with the ADT side of things. You just gained a few MILLION new customers HELP us out PLEASE.


Samsung staff don’t officially read this forum. (There’s another forum over at Samsung that they do read. This one was started several years ago so that smartthings customers could help each other.)

That said, lots of people in this community do use the Gen 2 iris keypads with SmartThings. It still won’t give you the kind of security system that you had with Iris for a number of reasons, but you can certainly use those devices if you want to. :sunglasses:

Read the following FAQ for discussion of the differences between the ADT model hub and the other smartthings hubs when it comes to security:

FAQ: Confused by "Regular" and "ADT" Smartthings. Need clarification (2019)

Anyway, there are several different device type handlers (DTHs) which work with the iris Gen 2 keypad.

Most are offered free by other community members, but for locks and keypads I think it’s worth it to pay the $40 lifetime license fee for access to @RBoy apps. It’s just one license fee and then you get access to the whole library.

You’ll find this is a very popular add on in the community, and they do offer their own support. It does mean using the classic version of the SmartThings mobile app and installing custom code, but you get a lot more features by doing that.

On the other hand… We have been told that eventually the classic App go away. But not when. So there is a risk that you will lose that investment in the future as well. :scream:

The alternative is to wait until smartthings brings out the keypad that they announced in January 2019. Obviously they know they need one.

(Jimmy) #59

They key word was works out of the box. As you know, SmartThings is an open platform, and currently you can get those devices working with some copying and pasting in the developer portal.

(Ernest ) #60

As you know I come from iris and they pretty much did everything so I don’t know much about DTH and adding apps I mean I could learn I guess but I think maybe I’ll wait for the SmartThings keypad so I don’t screw wverythjng up, thanks for the info, did they give a launch date?


I don’t think so, @prjct92eh2 might know.

(Ernest ) #62

Thinking maybe I should just give this a chance I guess if I screw It up I’ll jist come back here and ask how to fix it lol