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Lowe's Iris is officially history!


(Jimmy) #22

Just got added Tuesday night. So did the Zigbee side and looks like their new plug is coming next week.


Looks like they are expecting them to start with the new app.


Longtime community members who would like to help out some of the newcomers can find their migration assistance requests in the project section of the forum tagged with the “afteriris” tag. Remember that most of these people will be buying new hubs and will be using the new app.

The compatible iris brand devices should now mostly add automatically. But many of the Iris refugees Considering switching to smartthings are trying to figure out whether they can replicate their current rules, scenes, monitored security system, and third-party integrations if they do choose smartthings. So they have a lot of questions. :sunglasses:

( since I can’t use the new app, I don’t expect to be very active in these conversations.)

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So if we get credited back for Iris devices that are paired, we keep the devices and use them with SmartThings? Or do they get disposed of or mailed back to Lowe’s?


Remember that the generation one zigbee devices from Iris are not compatible with smartthings. But the generation two zigbee devices and most of the Z wave devices are.

Here’s the official “works with smart things“ list for the iris brand. You’ll notice that quite a few more devices have been added recently, and anything on that list should show up automatically in the new app.


It looks like the credit will only be offered for the devices which used the proprietary encoding (mostly gen 1 zigbee) and therefore won’t work with SmartThings or other hubs using the open standard. But based on what @Terminal says below, you won’t have to physically return them.

See the official announcement on the iris site:

(Amauri Viguera) #28

I can imagine that a lot of the questions will be answered with "you can do this, but it requires using the old app, the IDE and WebCORE.

(Jimmy) #29

Assuming an Iris user wants to stick with officially supported devices and the new app, i think the biggest hurdles will be:

  1. no pin pad
  2. arming/disarming requiring internet


Gotcha. I looked through everything I could without clicking entirely through the redemption process. Didn’t want to commit to anything before researching what my options are since I have a ton of Iris devices currently.

It doesn’t say anywhere about them being returned, just says if you bought something within 90 days from Lowe’s to return that to the store.

If anyone else has info regarding this, I would really appreciate it!


They announced a smartthings branded one at CES this year, but no telling when it will actually be released. But at least it shows they know they need one.

Some people will also be able to use a smart lock as a pin pad. It just depends on the details of the use cases.

(Jimmy) #32

Only with the classic app though.

(Jimmy) #33

Went by my local Lowe’s and they had all the iris devices pulled off the shelf and put in the back.

(Mike) #34

You do not have to return the devices. They took a snapshot of everyones system before sending out the email. So whatever V1 devices were connected will show up on your redemption list. The stuff that will work with other systems will not. They do not want the old stuff back. There is a system SystronicsRF that should be releasing a BETA soon that claims they can use the old V1 Alertme devices.


Dumpster dive time

(Steve White) #36

Have you tried this driver?


Yeah thanks, using it now but still get errors when running a mesh repair so not sure if its actually repeating. I’m assuming it doesnt work in the new app?

(Mike) #38

The repeaters can be a bit tricky. Let them sit for a day and then try again. I added several at one time a few weeks back and for the first few days they seem to connect but as you mention gave errors in the mesh repair. They also would show offline in the app but after a refresh would come back. After a day or two they started working fine and now seem pretty solid…


The Lowe’s iris plug will probably soon work better in the new app as they are adding new device drivers to assist previous iris customers.

(Jimmy) #40

As of 1/29/19 it already works out of the box, with both apps.


The zwave portion also? Wasn’t sure if your screen shot from earlier was using the custom zw driver.