Lowe's Iris is officially history!

Just received this e-mail from them…

Dear Iris Customer:

As a valued customer, we wanted to provide an important update regarding Iris. We have decided to shut down the Iris smart home platform and related services effective March 31, 2019. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are committed to providing the resources and support needed as you transition to comparable smart home products.

This email provides important information on the process and resources available for Iris customers. Please do not bring your connected Iris devices back to a Lowe’s store.

• We have created an online redemption process that will allow customers who have eligible, connected Iris devices to receive a Visa prepaid card to help migrate to another smart home platform.

• Upon logging into Iris, you will be directed to complete the redemption process using a customized, online tool. You will also be able to access additional information, such as redemption status and support articles.

• All Iris customers need to complete the redemption process through the Iris app or at home.irisbylowes.com/redemption by March 31, 2019.

• The online process is the only way you can receive a redemption for your already connected Iris items. Please do not bring connected items back to the store.

o Customers can return any Iris items they have purchased within the last 90 days that are not connected to the Iris platform via Lowe’s normal return policy (see your Lowe’s receipt for Lowe’s Return Policy details).

o Some customers may find the redemption value exceeds the amount owed via Lowe’s Return Policy.

• Many devices used with Iris are compatible with other smart home platforms. For example, SmartThings is a comparable platform to Iris, and to ease the transition, SmartThings’ support team is ready to assist you with the migration process.

o Some devices incompatible with other smart home platforms are eligible for redemption.

To find out more about the shutdown of the Iris platform, please read more here.

Again, we are committed to supporting a smooth transition for our Iris customers throughout this process. We appreciate your business and hope you continue to choose Lowe’s for your future smart home and home improvement needs.

I wish I could say I was surprised. The platform has pretty much sucked since day 1.

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Oh really.


I found that part to be interesting… Especially considering ST support has been staffed by ghosts lately.


I was going to post earlier today that Iris products are no longer listed on the Lowe’s website. Instead you are redirected to the irisbylowes.com website. :slight_smile:

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I guess it’s still a better solution than what other companies did. I mean Revolv got acquired by Nest and they just nuked the whole thing, with you ending up with a $300 paperweight. At least TCP had the decency of updating their hub so it could work locally once they shut off their backend.

I think a visit to my local store is in order tonight… :slight_smile:


Interesting news… Looks like they’re going to open source part of the platform…

Iris is intending to open source portions of its smart home software pending a third-party security review of the code and will name it Arcus. “Arcus” is the Roman name for the Greek goddess “Iris.” Iris wants the smart home enthusiast and developer communities to be able to benefit from the hard work and development of its platform software. The software will be part of the public domain and available for the community pending the third-party review of the code. More details will be available over the coming weeks.


Part of me thinks that this is the plan for the OG SmartThings platform as well. Samsung will keep chugging along with internet-connected sinks or whatever, and the original platform will be put out to pasture, with the code being “out there” for anyone with the resources to get it to work on their own.

I mean if you could host your own personal version in AWS or some other cloud provider the cost would be minimal.

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The good news is that Lowe’s is giving away gift cards for Iris-locked hardware. The hub alone is worth $100.

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Which model hub?

Went to go browse their site for Iris Products and get this:
Definitely taking a trip over their for lunch!

I just tried the redemption process with my v2 hub and that’s what they were going to give me. I have a couple v1 devices lying around that I want to pair up before I complete the process.

Well at least it seems like they are handling the shutdown nicely and not screwing everyone over.


I wouldn’t go that far. They’re only giving 60 days notice. For someone using their professional monitoring service, that is not a lot of time to secure and install a replacement.


Same here. I only use the Iris devices in my detached shop and I have several V1 devices I currently don’t have attached, including a spare Hub. I hope I can pair them all this evening and add that to my total.

I guess that means my stash of so-far-unused Iris sensors just raised in value, lol.

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Just visited my local Lowe’s. What few iris products they had remaining on the shelf is on clearance.

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how cheap we talking?

Same pricing that was on their website on clearance. Keypad for $32, tiles for $15 I believe. Nothing to really run and get.

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It would be great if the zwave portion of the iris smart plugs would be supported by ST now. Never could quite get that working right…