FAQ: Iris Device Firmware Versions

If you are like me, chances are that you probably have at least one Lowe’s Iris-branded device on connected to your SmartThings system. This devices popular due to their widespread retail availability and relatively lower costs when compared to SmartThings-banded devices. There is one drawback to using non-SmartThings devices which is the inability of the hub to push out firmware updates. There is unfortunately no way to update Iris devices without having an Iris hub available. Luckily I do and use it to periodically check devices for updates.

Therefore it is my goal that the purpose of this thread be to (try) to keep up with the current firmware releases of Iris-branded devices. I will update this post every now and then with the latest release for each device along with a summary of changes, if any.

As of this post, I have updated firmware on the SmartPlugs & Buttons, more will follow soon.

Lowe’s Retail Devices

Iris Smart Plug

  • Manufacturer: CentraLite (Lowe’s)
  • Model: 3210-L
  • Latest Version: 0x20085010
  • What’s New: Z-Wave update; no visual feedback to Z-Wave device inclusion (i.e. double-blink). Possible routing & discover fixes.
  • Notes: Initial RTM was 0x20015010.

Iris Smart Button

  • Manufacturer: CentraLite (Lowe’s)
  • Model: 3460-L
  • Latest Version: 0x15005301
  • What’s New: Possible battery fixes (reporting, life). After updating, buttons appear to always work on 1st press.
  • Notes: Initial RTM was 0x10035301.

Iris Motion Sensor

  • Manufacturer: CentraLite (Lowe’s)
  • Model: 3326-L
  • Latest Version: (coming soon)
  • What’s New: (coming soon)
  • Notes: Initial RTM was 0x11005310.

Iris Door & Window Sensor

  • Manufacturer: CentraLite (Lowe’s)
  • Model: 3320-L
  • Latest Version: (coming soon)
  • What’s New: (coming soon)
  • Notes: Initial RTM was 0x11005310.

Iris Keypad

  • Manufacturer: CentraLite (Lowe’s)
  • Model: 3405-L
  • Latest Version: 0x11005310
  • What’s New: Unknown
  • Notes: Initial RTM was 0x10025310.

Other Iris Devices

Iris Smart Plug (beta)

  • Manufacturer: CentraLite (Lowe’s)
  • Model: 3210-L
  • Latest Version: 0x10005010
  • What’s New: N/A
  • Notes: Limited pre-manufacturing run of beta-devices. These do not have the Z-Wave radio enabled. Scrapped; no updates available. These work with ST; energy reporting is highly erratic due to bug in averaging.

Iris Smart Button (beta)

  • Manufacturer: CentraLite (Lowe’s)
  • Model: 3460
  • Latest Version: 0x10005301
  • Notes: Limited pre-manufacturing run of beta-devices. Scrapped; no updates available.

Iris Motion Sensor (beta)

  • Manufacturer: CentraLite (Lowe’s)
  • Model: 3326-L
  • Latest Version: (see retail Iris Motion Sensor)
  • What’s New: (see retail Iris Motion Sensor)
  • Notes: Limited pre-manufacturing run of beta-devices. All devices were updated to RTM (0x11005310).

Iris Door & Window Sensor (beta)

  • Manufacturer: CentraLite (Lowe’s)
  • Model: 3320
  • Latest Version: (see retail Iris Door & Window Sensor)
  • What’s New: (see retail Iris Door & Window Sensor)
  • Notes: Limited pre-manufacturing run of beta-devices. All devices were updated to RTM (0x11005310).

Iris Keypad (beta)

  • Manufacturer: CentraLite (Lowe’s)
  • Model: 3405-L
  • Latest Version: (see retail Iris Keypad)
  • What’s New: (see retail Iris Keypad)
  • Notes: Limited pre-manufacturing run of beta-devices. Scrapped due to hardware defect resulting in poor battery life on some devices. These devices can be updated by the hub to RTM (0x10025310).

Changes to the ST hub firmware several months back now allows for certain Iris Zigbee device firmware updates. for example, I know for a fact that the Iris contact and motion sensor now get firmware updates via ST.

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Technically you are correct, however the Iris devices are entirely different hardware than their SmartThings equivalents. I highly doubt that Lowe’s would give SmartThings a copy of their firmware. Instead it’s likely that they’re using a generic CentraLite-provided image. I’ll have a better handle on that once I push updates to the Door & Window and Motion sensors. No matter what, you’ll probably never see SmartThings push firmware to the Keypads, SmartPlugs, or Buttons since they do not have equivalent devices at this time.

So this is why my button doesn’t seem to work all the time. I just purchased yesterday and it’s firmware version is 0x10035301.

And there is no way to update the firmware without the hub… damn shame.

I snagged one at lowes for $20. Worth it for updates.

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I’ve updated a few of the 3210-L plugs. I can’t seem to find a place in the Iris website or app to see when the firmware is updated or what the current firmware is. I swear there used to be a place to see that because I updated a orbit valve with the hub previously and I’m certain I saw it then.

Have you seen a spot?

The Unofficial Iris Web portal was the place to go for this. Lowe’s recently changed how they secure the Iris API which has broken the site, at least temporarily. Funny you mention this as I’m currently working with the owner of that site to alter his code and restore communication with the Iris cloud.

Always wondered, but never explored til now: Can a zigbee sensor be paired with more than one hub at a time? I always presumed the answer to be NO.

So to update IRIS sensor firmware, what’s the process?


which version of Iris hub do we need? There a a few on fleebay to choose from.

Right, one hub at a time

Super easy if you use unsecured rejoin. with the plug I mentioned above you just plug it in while holding the button and “adding a thing” in Iris. Leave it be for a few hours to update. Then do the same thing to put it back with ST and check the firmware.

Ideally there needs to be a way to see the firmware update when paired with Iris, but I don’t see how yet. going to check Steve’s link out now.


mine is version 2, no idea if v1 is sufficient

Good info. I notice in the IDE that ST is showing target version 0x1C005310 for the motion and contact sensors. I’m using several of these outdoors and have had OTA updates disabled; mainly because I don’t want their batteries to drain from the update and force me to change them before I have to. I do get really good battery life out of these things; I’ve had a contact sensor in my freezer to track its temperature and its still going on the original battery from Nov. 2016. The one in my mailbox has been colder than the one in my freezer-- it worked all the way down to -13F had has been in there since last April. I’m curious to know what the changes in the new firmware version are.

I bought a new 3210-L Smart Plug a few days ago and it came with the new firmware. It’s different enough that the fingerprint changed; it tried it out on SmartThings and it worked fine. When I reset it and paired it with my Hubitat hub it wasn’t recognized as an outlet (though the older firmware versions are recognized properly). I was able to get it functioning by manually changing its DTH to a generic zigbee outlet and it is controllable in the Hubitat UI and displays power, but oddly will not display its on / off status. They are working on a fix.

I got 10 v2 Iris window sensors and 2 Iris smart plugs. I guess I would be busy this weekend to disconnect and reconnect devices on the 2 hubs. Right now I only use the Iris hub, which I got for free with the thermostat, for the water alarm as it has a built-in buzzer.

@SteveWhite, is firmware 0x20085010 still the latest and greatest for the Iris Smart Plug? I ask because I picked up a bunch of these recently and am seeing a few different versions on my plugs. I see the following:


Right now, I don’t have an Iris hub but will probably get one so that all of my plugs are in sync. I just want to know which one is the most recent.


As an update to this, I bought an Iris hub so I could update firmware and have been going through all of my Iris smart switches. The ones with firmware 0x20015010 have been updated to 0x20085010 but the one switch with firmware 0x20115010 did not update to 2008. Does that mean that the 2011 firmware is the latest? if so, why didn’t the other switches update to 2011?

Or am I doing something wrong in trying to trigger the 2011 switch to update to 2008?

Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

Is it possible that it was a hardware revision? Newer version, slightly different firmware.

Ahh, ok. I took a look at two plugs (one with the 2008 firmware and one with the 2011 firmware). The 2011 firmware is model 3210-L2. The 2008 firmware is model 3210-L.

Would that be an issue when trying to build my mesh? I am no expert but I would hope that the various versions could still interact with each other.

Thank you!!!

No. It should not cause any problems.

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Thank you thank you thank you! From what I read, though, the FW upgrade from 2001 to 2008 was pretty important. Is that correct?

Again, thank you for your input as I begin to get my feet wet in the world of ST and Zigbee and Z-Wave. Much appreciated!


I picked up a bunch of the Iris sensors on sale and a hub I am trying to update them before adding them to my Hubitat hub but many of the sensors are not updating their firmware. Only 2 out of the 4 plugs updated to the latest version. None of the window and door sensors are updating.

The key fobs did actually update as soon as I connected them and the water sensors also seemed to update.

I tried unpairing and resetting the devices with no luck.

The hub and sensors have been online and connected for over 2 day and all the sensors are within 10 ft of the hub.