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Lowe's Iris is officially history!



This should help. :sunglasses:

(Mavrrick) #64

Check out ADT Tools 2 and Lock Manager. We actually stalk about using Lock Manager to enable secondary keypads through ADT Tools at

( - Make your home your butler!) #65

Actually it does work with the new app (both apps and the device handler). You need to the Classic app only to install the LUM SmartApp (the new app doesn’t support installing SmartApps yet). The Keypads however can be installed directly using the IDE and the new app also.

(Mike) #66

There was someone who posted on another forum that Lowes had several offers but turned them all down. This person claimed they had investors and made one of the offers. He claimed Lowes decided they were shutting it down and there was no other option. It was on the internet so it must be true,

One of the Lowes employees who monitors their community forum had posted several times that Iris was going no where and when the word came down he claimed he was as blindsided as anyone. Apparently some of the support staff others have talked to, have said similar things.

Some have claimed they wanted to take a loss for the business for tax purposes, but whatever the reason it’s kind of crappy for those that depend on it and some did. For me it’s great I will get about $700 that I can use to get something better in my shop and upgrade a few things in my ST system in the house.


Lowe’s CEO made a formal public announcement to investors back in November that they were actively seeking a buyer for the Iris platform. That would fall under SEC rules on “investor guidance,” so he could go to jail if that had not been true.

That doesn’t mean they had to accept just any offer if it wasn’t good for Lowe’s overall, and it could be that a total writeoff ended up being financially better for them, but they were definitely open to selling.

(CEPro is an industry journal with a good reputation for accuracy on the business side of these issues.)

(Steve White) #68

It’s also likely that any offer would come with a requirement of a transitional period in which Lowes would still have a stake in the platform. It’s likely they just wanted to get out before the end of the quarter and shutting it down was the most fiscally responsive move.


I’d suggest you take a look at Hubitat, for totally local processing, and an extremely wide selection of supported devices, even more than ST

(Chris) #70

Wow looks like my local lowes pulled all iris. Couldn’t find anything in the clearance area also.

(Lee Florack) #71

Mine looks like that too. If I understand it correctly, the stores are supposed to be sending all of their unsold stock back to corporate (or wherever they told the stores to send them).

(Chris) #72

That’s a bummer I was hoping to get sensors for cheap. Figured they are going open source some of it just fire sale it all.

(Michael) #73

My store was tearing part the Iris section this morning, taking down all the “flare”. I asked the manager and they were told to send everything back. I suspect because of the buyback they are doing, preventing anyone from adding new devices to Iris for additional buyback. I wish they would put everything on clearance after the buyback period is over. The motions and contacts are great sensors.

(Daniel Ionescu) #74

Just spoke with them. Additional reimbursement can be had but only for generation 1 devices, not for anything that works with other systems.

(Mike) #75

I called and it took me about 30 minutes on the phone to get the additional reimbursement, and yes it is only for V1 items.

(MarkTr) #76

Did they require an account or other documentation for the gen 1 devices? I accidentally bought a gen 1 plug a long time ago and never found anyone to take it off my hands…


Just got off the phone with iris. About a 20 minute wait, not too bad. I told them I have a V1 keypad and V1 motion sensor that I had from a while back, that never stayed connected and I gave up on a long time ago since they never stayed connected.

I re-paired them AFTER they took a snapshot of my current devices. They said I should go through with the redemption process, which I clicked through while I was on the phone, and then they can send my request for my other devices forward. Waited a few more mins and eventually requested a call back. Got the call about 20 mins after, and they said my other two devices will get another visa prepaid card in addition to my first one. Pretty happy with that honestly.

So, long story short, you do no need to return anything, unless it was just purchased within 90 days. I will be reimbursed at almost retail for devices that are years old. I heard nothing about a “limit” on a reimbursement amount. I’ve had Iris since the beginning of the system, and have a lot of V1 devices.

I initially was super pissed at Lowe’s, but all in all it’ll be nice to work with a more robust system, that seems to have a million supported devices and connectivity.

(Cory Booth) #78

I received $800 for my WHESCS water softner

(Daniel Ionescu) #79

No. They just look at your connected hub and connected devices to the hub. So whatever you have have to be online when you call.


That will require an Iris account, though, right?

(Daniel Ionescu) #81

And the hub and whatever devices connected.

(MarkTr) #82

In that case, is there anyone who’s already going to call about disconnected devices who wants an extra 1G Iris plug? I don’t have an Iris hub so it’s no good to me, but if the reimbursement exceeds the shipping cost someone might as well get that value out of it.