Belkin WeMo Connectivity

I just got myself a brand new Wemo Switch and set it up. When i turn off the WEMO switch… it loses its connectivity to the router and my IOS app cant detect it till i turn the switch manually on again.

Welcome to wemo. They barely work as a stand alone product, that’s why I try not to beat support up when mine stop working with ST every other week. They start working again for a while then crap out again.

If you can I’d return it, not worth the $$

Buy z-wave or zigbee instead, lighting fast with ST.


I honestly had nothing but trouble with my Wemo. I ended up giving it to a friend and replacing it with a GE z-wave plug in. Just like Keith said, they would work for a while, then not work. Then they would work, there would be an update, and it would crap out again. I probably reset that thing about 10 times over 3 months. It nearly found itself in the bottom of the pool a few times. Very frustrating.

In contrast, I haven’t touched the GE switches since I’ve plugged them in and set them up on Smartthings.

I have also been having issues with my Wemo but only the motion sensors. I spoke to Tech Support and one suggestion i was given is to give each one a “static ip address”. Unfortunately im not the most techie person and the last time i tried to do it i brought down my WiFi for a while. LOL. I will try agian but only after a do a little more research. I will admit to you, i wont be purchasing another Wemo product agian.

Your probably smarter than i am, maybe give that a try. Good Luck to you.

Hello, just wanted to update you, I eventually figured out how to assign each wemo a static ip address. I am happy to report that its working great!! far…knock on wood. If anything changes i will report back on this thread. Happy Automating!!