Wemo Switch Not Connecting

I am having issues connecting my new Wemo plug. I had another one that worked fine but now I can’t find it after finishing our basement. The new one will connect in the wemo app fine but then the Smartthings app won’t find it at all. I added a static IP on it and that didn’t help either. Then I installed the Wemo Connect smart app and device handler and that didn’t find it either. What could be causing this? Thanks!

are you using the Classic app or the STSC app?

Classic app

i am having the same exact issue with my wemo mini plug. works in WEMO app, Google Home and Alexa find it just fine but cant find it with smartthings. just got this plug a week ago.

was a solution found?

I never got it to work so I’m taking it back and got tp-link plugs instead. They worked perfectly.

ok, My buddy bought one and he had zero issue adding it to smartthings. I only paid 10 buck so probably just keep it for now. maybe just use it with google home to turn things on and off manually as needed…

Did you perform a firmware update on it in the wemo app? Have you tried to add it manually through marketplace > things > SmartThings lab > Belkin wemo switch? Or press the on/off button on it when pairing?

Yes yes and yes

Updated Firmware - yes
Pushed button - yes
smartthings lab switch - yes.
Also upgraded the firmware on my Ubiquity AP AC Pro to latest version as well as controller and router

also added this dth

Did you add the dth before you first tried adding the wemo? If yes, you don’t need the dth and should probably remove it. But I bet there might be some setting in Ubiquiti that is blocking communication on your network.

Have you tried assigning a static ip# to the wemo device?

no just added the dth about an hour ago after a week of troubleshooting. also just updated all network stuff today. The buddy that I referred to above is running the same exact equipment as I am for network and it works fine on his. I even removed all firewall rules to see if that was it…

Static ip no change. But I think I might have a possible solution.

My Lan and my WLan are on 2 different subnets and different ports on my router. So essentially 2 different networks. I bet that is the problem. I will rewire after I am off work. Can’t take my network down at the moment.

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Yep, that would cause it to not be found

Ok that fixed my issue. Once they were on the same network it discovered in seconds