Wemo Light Switch Disconnect Issue

Hello Everyone,

First of all, I really appreciate so many knowledgeable and helpful users on this community!

I’d like to see if anyone can help me with Wemo Light Switches disconnecting constantly. Constantly re-adding the switches and updating the automation is getting really a pain in the @$$. :frowning:

I have 3 Wemo Light Switches and 2 of them are disconnecting from ST almost every other day. It’s strange 1 of the 3 (which was installed much earlier than the 2 I’m having issue with) NEVER disconnects. When these disconnect, they can still be used with the Wemo app so I know these switches are functional.

I had high hopes when I read about the “Wemo Connect (Advanced)” smartapp and associated Wemo device handlers. So I gave it a try but within first 30 minutes one of the switch lost connection and no matter what I did (removed and added multiple times) it wasn’t connecting. So I had to uninstall the smartapp and device handlers and go back to stock.

How can I get these Wemo Light Switches to stay connected? I have 3 of them and I’d hate to replace them all with some other switches.

Thanks a bunch!

Take a look at your Wifi.

I have a lot of WeMo switches and 3 WeMo outlets. When I first installed them I was having a few of them consistently drop out (especially in one area). I had since upgraded my WiFi network to something much better and they haven’t dropped since.

I didn’t upgrade specifically for the WeMo stuff but did it for another reason and it happened to solve the WeMo issue.

You can try move the router closer to the problem area and see if that fixes it as a test.

Hopefully this helps.

Thanks for your reply.

Of the two I’m having issue, one is very close to a wifi extender so I’m not sure if weak wifi signal is the reason for the disconnects.

I’ve read assigning a static address to these devices but I’m not entirely sure how to do that.

Try without an extender. They are know to give some issues. I’ve read posts by some of the WeMo engineers in their forums that have pointed out issues having different networks. When I had an extender it was a mess and they kept going offline. I even tried giving the extender the same ssid but when some eventually switched over it caused issues.

Basically the phone and devices should all be on the same network. The extender usually has its own SSID which it thinks is a separate network.

I wish I bookmarked that post for reference.

I took your advice and removed the extender and the disconnect issue has disappeared!!!

Thanks a million for that advice. :grinning: