Lock Codes and Unlock in new STSC App

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I am slowly trying to get moved over to the “new app”. I am finding it extremely less user friendly than the original app. Im just not following the UX flows. Maybe that will change. Either way, I can not find where to manage my Schlage lock codes or how to add an unlock action to an Automation. In the old app, when I get inside geofence boundaries, I set my thermostat back up, open the garage, unlock the front door and turn on a few specific lights. I could use some direction.


The new app does not provide any way to unlock automatically other than opening the mobile app and doing it there. It’s very annoying for me, of course, because the primary reason I got into home automation to begin with is that I cannot physically unlock a door easily myself. But it is what it is.

The following thread may help at least verify what you are seeing:

Thanks for the quick reply. I didn’t realize that and will go read that FAQ now to see what other hidden gems may be there.

THIS IS A SHOWSTOPPER for me moving to the new app. Samsung should trust that if their customers want to unlock a door, that is their choice to so. That is not a legal risk for them. How about the door code management? I REALLY like that option in the “Classic” full featured app.

JD covered the Auto Unlock restrictions currently in place. I would urge you to email support and voice your support for it.

For lock codes, the last app version was supposed to add that app, but it still isn’t showing up for me. So stay tuned.


I called customer support after lunch today and sat on hold 38 minutes before I gave up. You guys have been light years more helpful than their support org. :+1: Community for the win…

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If you don’t want to wait on hold, you can send email so support can track this as an issue.

Done. Thanks. :call_me_hand:

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One of the staff members commented that it’s on it’s way, it was scheduled to be released in the last update but it got delayed. It should eventually come out. For now Classic is still the most flexible option to use just in terms of overall features and options available. The new app will get all those features (including custom DTH’s) slowly but I think they want to get it right this time so they’re really taking their time on it.

In the meanwhile if you really want to use the new app you could try a custom solution. If you have access to RBoy Apps, check out this fully featured Lock User Management solution which is also compatible with the stock SmartApps solution and compliments it quite nicely by adding features which don’t exist (like scheduling codes, taking actions etc), it works side by side with SmartLocks:
[RELEASE] Lock User Management: Door lock code manager (create, delete and schedule codes) with automatic lock/unlock, custom user actions and SHM/ADT integration