[RELEASE] Lock User Management: Door lock code manager (create, delete and schedule codes) with automatic lock/unlock, custom user actions and SHM/ADT integration


(J) #1731

Can you can set up the Lock User Management app to not allow a user to lock the door with the pinpad unless all sensored windows are closed?

(Andre Purnomo) #1732

Hey @RBoy, I use YALE YDM4109 with keypad+fingerprint input, right now i’m using lock manager DTH but fingerprint not recognize with this DTH. Is lock user management can handle it ?

(Head of Support (rboyapps.com)) #1733

@Jrose there are many ways to do what you would like to do. Here are two different ways to achieve what you would like depending on your preference:

  1. The SmartApp cannot disable a keypad but users can be enabled/disabled based on the Mode of the hub. You can create two modes on your Hub, say ContactsOpen and ContactsClosed, and assign Mode type users in the app to be enabled when the mode is set to ContactsClosed. Then you can use a third party app like CoRE or WebCoRE etc to monitor your windows and change the hub Mode accordingly.
  2. The second way is to enable / disable the keypad on the lock if your lock supports it and if you’re using the Enhanced Universal ZWave Lock device handler. You can use CoRE or WebCoRE to monitor your window contact sensors and then use the custom commands to enable or disable your lock keypad from CoRE/WebCoRE. Please refer to the DTH topic for more details on this.

@Alunx to answer your question. If your lock support reporting fingerprints over ZWave, you will need a custom device handler to process the fingerprints usage. The Enhanced Universal ZWave Lock device handler has support to capture and process the RFID, Bluetooth and Biometric events if reported by the lock. You can refer to the DTH topic for more details.

Once the events are captured and reported by the DTH you can use this app and/or the User UnLock/Lock Actions app to process and take actions based on those events. That app is identical to this Lock User Managment app, except it is used for locks which don’t support programming (like fingerprint or rfid locks).

Hope this helps.

(J) #1734

Thanks @maddie! Might be too complex for how we want to use it (with an airbnb rental) but I will give those options a try and see how it goes! Thanks again!


Having some issues with the door left open notifications. I only want to be notified if the mode is night. But if I open the door when the mode is night and the mode changes to home, it ignores that the mode was changed and continuous to notify me until I close the door.

(Scott Chapman) #1736

I want to be able to have my lock remain unlocked for an extended period of time (like 30 minutes) when a family member arrives. I’ve turned off auto-relock in the DHT, but how exactly do I set it in the LUM? I found a place to set a re-lock after closing.

How exactly can I set my door to auto-lock after some time after being unlocked?

thanks in advance!

(Head of Support (rboyapps.com)) #1737

Tap the Door Open/Close Actions on the main page, enable the Relock door automatically feature and then it will give you an option to set it to 30 minutes. If a door sensor is added then it wait for the door to close before locking it, if not it will lock after the specified period.

Note: The AutoLock on your physical Lock should be disabled for this feature to work properly (which you’ve confirmed). Just FYI, if you’re using the RBoy Apps DTH for your devices it can check the current state of your hardware AutoLock on your lock and notify the SmartApp (the stock ST device handler doesn’t report this information), see image below for a sample notification.

(Scott Chapman) #1738

I actually don’t see either of those on my app (v07.07.06)

(Head of Support (rboyapps.com)) #1739

Thank you to all our testers/users for your feedback on this incremental update

Lock User Management - Version 07.08.00

  • Create custom keypad lock actions when using arming keypads for away/stay/night buttons
    • Run routines
    • Change modes
    • Turn switches on/off
    • Lock other locks
    • Close garage doors
  • Synchronize keypad (button lights) with SHM/ADT changes when Control SHM/ADT using keypad is enabled
  • Check for mode changes in real time when sending open door notifications

Some examples of how folks are using this app:

  1. I give my landlord an access code for the lock but I want it disabled when I’m at home (presence based users)
  2. When my children are at home and the parents aren’t home, then allow the babysitter’s code to work (presence based users)
  3. When we’re away, allow my neighbor’s code to work (mode based users)
  4. I can schedule a code for my nanny with multiple schedules per day (morning and evening)
  5. I can program ahead for my vacation rental properties with a start and end date/time for my guests
  6. When I lock my door from outside I want my house to lock up behind me (close garage doors, lock all other doors, turn off switches, arm the security system etc)
  7. When I unlocked my outer door I want the inner door to also unlock and the lights to turn on but only at night
  8. I want my employees to have access only during business hours or on specifics days/modes
  9. I want to open Garage door A when I press the away button and Garage door B when I press the Stay button on my Keypad
  10. I want to control my SHM/ADT state using an external keypad and also control my patio door

Lock Code User Management is the most reliable and comprehensive commercial grade User Code Management SmartApp with many (unique) features:

  • Works with the built in SmartThings device handler (Z-Wave and ZigBee)
  • Sure-Programming engine: verifies that programming was successful
  • Unlimited users and locks
  • Easy and intuitive setup
    • Colored icons show user state (grey -> inactive, blue -> active, yellow -> pending, red -> error)
  • Different types of users such as:
    • permanent
    • one time
    • expiration (start/end date/time)
    • scheduled (daily/weekly etc) with multiple schedules per user
    • presence based
    • mode based and many more
  • Support for different types of locks (keypad, bluetooth, RFID, etc)
  • Define custom individual Unlock and Lock actions for users such as:
    • Exit delay actions (wait for X minutes before running actions)
    • Separate actions for Keypad and Manual locking/unlocking and per door actions
    • Create custom actions for security Keypad away/stay/night buttons
    • Turning on lights if it’s dark outside
    • Unlocking/locking secondary locks
    • Opening/closing garage doors
    • Notifications on type of lock/unlock (manual, code, keypad, bluetooth, rfid etc)
    • Running routines
    • Changing modes
    • Arming/Disarming SHM/ADT
    • Turning on/off switches
    • Custom notifications settings (who and how many)
      • Multiple/international SMS’s
    • Define rules when to run and not run actions
  • Define Door Open/Close actions such as
    • Automatically relocking the door when it’s closed
    • Automatically unlocking the deadbolt if it’s extended, while door is open
    • Ringing chimes when door is opened
    • Notifications if door is left open
    • Define actions for each door separately
  • Lots of built in safety mechanisms to ensure users have a reliable experience
  • Compatibility with SmartLocks
  • and lots more…

Optionally you can use the Enhanced Universal Z-Wave Lock or the Universal ZigBee Lock device handler for a more customized experience.

Copyright © RBoy Apps

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(Ian) #1740

@RBoy -

Why does the app always stop working where there is an update? I always know an update is needed when my SHM won’t change modes as it normally does. This is extremely unsafe. What if I’m not home to change and my family thinks the system is arming when it isn’t. Why wouldn’t the current version just continue to work? Why does it need to break down as updates come out?

(www.rboyapps.com - Make your home your butler!) #1741

EDIT: It looks like SHM was having an outage yesterday Smart Home Monitoring Not Working

:slight_smile: I like the way you think. On a more serious note, what you’re describing is a platform timeout caused by increased load or an internal issue and not related to the app.

I think it’s a timing coincidence. We release updates tend to coincide with ST deployments to their platform (Tues/Thurs).
We’ve been hearing/noticing timeouts on the platform since yesterday across many apps so I’m guessing it’s either a ST load issue or something in the deployment, either way it’ll sort itself out in a day or so.

To protect users from these issue we released a bunch of apps to check if the Routines executed properly or if the mode/SHM changes did their things and complete it for them if the platform didn’t complete/timed out for any reason.

[RELEASE] SHM Routines, Notifications and Actions
[RELEASE] Open/Close Door/Window/Switch/Lock/Valve/Shade Notification and Actions on Mode Change
[RELEASE] Routines Backup - Verify/double check your routine execution, notify and take actions

(Ian) #1742

Hum, still not working today. I bet if I update the app it will. :wink:

(Dominick Barile) #1743

Hi Guys, for the lock software, do I need to install both the smart app & dth

(Mcneillr) #1744

Which App, if it is the full Rboy app , you need the driver also

(Dominick Barile) #1745

I downloaded the lock user management smart app. I also see there is a universal enhanced zwave lock in the device things handler. I’m wondering if I should have both installed? I dont see an unlocking feature with presence in the smart app. Nor do I see enabling the alarm functions in the smart app.


Hi @all4dom.

I’ve installed both, and they work great together:

DTH - Universal Z-Wave Lock With Alarms
App - Lock User Management

(Dominick Barile) #1747

Ok thanks. That’s what I was trying to.find out. Does the universal dth allow geofencing? I want the lock to open when I come home.


I use a Routine to disarm SHM, run automatons, and unlock locks based on a combination of mobile devices and ST arrival sensors, so yes.

(Brent Haag) #1749

You don’t need both–unless you need some of the advanced features of RBoy’s DTH–I am using RBoy’s smartapp with the default SmartThings DTH for a Z-Wave lock and it works perfect.


I have the Yale Keyless Connected smart lock which reports when maximum invalid code attempts is exceeded. I can see in My Home>Things>lockname>Recently in ST app that this condition is being reported but I don’t get a push notification from the Lock User Management app.

I have installed the Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock DTH but I suspect it’s not working with this lock - for example, in the ST app on my iPhone I changed the lock setting to reduce the ‘Wrong code entry limit’ value from 5 to 3 (to speed up my testing) but the lock continued to allow 5 attempts before entering Incorrect PIN lockout (which is also still 3 minute even though in the setting on my phone it is 60 seconds).

Any idea as to what I can try next to get push notifications for tamper alerts?