New ST App—Can I automate unlocking a door?

The new ST’s app doesn’t seem to allow the creation of automations that unlock doors. The only option I see when I create a new automation and select a lock is “Closed”, which I have the option to select or leave unselected. Has anyone found the answer to this puzzle?

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I don’t have too much experience with creating routines with the actual ST app because of some strange limitations and lack of if statements. I know that with the integration with the echo dot, you can override that to allow you to unlock doors somewhere in the settings. I think around a week after I bought the ST hub and got into starting to configure my few smart home things, I started messing around with WebCore and I have to say, I don’t think I could go back.

There are a couple learning curves to overcome but it does allow you to do what you are asking with the front door. If that’s something you’re interested in I would be more than willing to share my pistons with you for coming home / leaving / going to bed that we use daily to lock and unlock our door.


I was under the impression that webcore does not work with the new SmartThings app yet (the one that used to be “Samsung connect”). Has that changed?

Oh really? I didn’t know that! I just bought my stuff back in November but haven’t seemed to have many issues with my current setup and was just in WebCore configuring some of my pistons the other day. I did see a message saying something about updating to the newer version of the SmartApp in WebCore this morning but haven’t had a chance to look into it yet.

I too have this problem.