SmartThings hub 2018 and Schlage connect?

I have a Schlage connect lock and a SmartThings hub 2018. I can connect the lock to the new SmartThings app but it has really limited functionality for the Schlage (lock and unlock), no passcode edit ability etc. it looks as if this type of functionality is available in the old (classic app). However to use the hub with the classic app I’d need a welcome code. However the current hubs don’t seem to have a welcome code. Any idea either how to get the in activated in the classic app or to get some better key code functionality in the new app???


Once it’s activated in the new app, it should be accessible as a location in the classic app (as far as I know).


logout of the Classic app. choose New User to login and choose your Samsung account.


Awesome I see that now. Thanks!!

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