List of Capabilities?

Is there somewhere that I can get a list of all capabilities of approved things?

For example I want to write a SmartApp to notify on the humidity of an Aeon sensor.

I’m not sure if it’s completely up to date

Thanks. The thing that threw me off here is when you log into the IDE and click documentation in the top bar, it takes you to not

I’ve kinda asked for the same thing earlier and I think it is really needed. Hopefully something will come about in the not too distant future. So many of the questions in the Community are about compatibility and functionality supported.

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I soooo agree with this @brianlees!

Is there something people have seen that would allow us to create this as a community? Sort of like a wiki version of a database? At least as a start? I would love to see this benefit from the “wisdom of the crowd”.

I remember finding some “review” software in the past when I ran a message board site. I’ll look again tonight. I agree, though…something pre-canned would allow for a more rapid deployment,

Also, another topic might apply here:

If the database also plugged into “the backend” of ST, it could list all the apps associated with the device the exact same way that it would show up in the app itself.

Hmm…this is rapidly sounding that, if taken to the 'nth degree, it could take a while to deploy! :frowning:

What site language are you using? PHP, rails?

if this were a community database I can contribute my database design/administration expertise.
questions I have about it though, what flavor Db? who would host it? if there is a fee (say Google Cloud SQL) who would finance it?

I was thinking something like

But free. :slight_smile: Even if there is a small cost SmartThings will cover that, obviously. I also might ask the dev team (when they get time) to weigh in with a generated list (outside of what can be found in the IDE)

You might look at Parse. Its easy to put together online databases and you can access it through multiple SDK’s. You only pay for the number of requests per second.

< 30 requests/sec is free





There’s also

I’m wondering if a NOSQL option is needed given the structure of the data will be fluctuating.

I think @Ben covered that one a post ago :wink:

Crap…was half asleep at the time! Sorry about that…

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hoping to revive this. The capability documentation is really showing its age.

Ok so this thread has meandered a little. We have a list of capabilities:

I am interested in knowing where this may be out of date or what is missing. We generate this from the code but it doesn’t happen often so it could be out of date. As for it being in another area of the documentation - we know - we want to unify it but… priorities.

The larger discussion that sort of sprung up was around a database of compatible devices and having that more prominent on the SmartThings website. The latter part of that is underway. While not the open and collaborative database to would be “official”.

I would like to have a mechanism for open collaboration on this device list and include the options for community members to add devices we do not have, allow for voting on them, and then a way to illustrate progress on each integration. We want to be transparent — we just don’t have the tools setup do be so, yet. Discourse does not currently provide this functionality so I think it will likely have to be another system. ZenDesk is what we use for support ticketing and we use SalesForce for backend fulfillment and product management. Ideally the solution would be a part of one of those — or at the very least integrate with it.

I will have to roll back through some of my older posts to recall the couple references to capabilities that I could not locate in the doc above.
Since the new documentation is on Git, I’m sure some of the community members (including myself) would be happy to fork and pull some more information into the pages.

Isn’t zendesk a knowledgebase/issue tracker in itself? Cant you build the device database within it and allow voting and commenting on each topic.

Internally you can use TissueApp to sync Git issues with Zendesk