Need list of all device types and supported capabilities

Is there a place I can get a list of all device types and the capabilities those devices support?

Your best bet might be the Z-Wave Alliance or possibly Chris Jackson’s Z-Wave Device Database

I don’t know of a comprehensive list of DTHs and their capabilities but you could piece it together.

Each of the available capabilities can be found here:

Each of the SmartThings DTHs can be found here:


That’s exactly what I need. Ty!

“Capabilities” is a SmartThings term, specific to their platform. It’s different than both “clusters” (zigbee, although SmartThings also uses the term clusters) and “command sets” (zwave).

Zwave resources can tell you a lot about Z wave command sets, but won’t help you with SmartThings capabilities. For those you need to check the SmartThings references that @jhamstead linked to.

I spoke too soon. I’ve already noticed some devices not in that list. An example is the Sonos Player which has the “Music Player” capability. I really need a full list all possible device types that SmartThings supports.

For up-to-date documentation of all supported capabilities, you should refer to

The other list referenced should have been deleted or redirected to this link (will have to look into that).

(This is not a list of all available devices, but rather the capabilities that devices may implement. A SmartApp may work with capabilities instead of specific devices, so that a user can select any of their devices that supports the requested capability.)


Is there anything that shows what capabilities a specific device supports? If I wanted to see all the capabilites a Sonos Player has, where can I find that?

I’m a little confused by this sentence. The list of device type handlers that smartthings officially supports is very short. You can find the official list on the website:

However, one of the strengths of the SmartThings platform is that customers can write their own device type handlers and so extend the platform to many other devices. Many customers have done this and share them with others. But these custom code device type handlers are not officially supported by SmartThings. They will work because of the way the platform works, and that is detailed in the developer documentation. But there’s no fixed list anywhere, people are adding new device type handlers every day.

The capabilities list that @jhamstead link to is the list of capabilities that are officially available for use by customers in creating their own device type handlers. However, there are also some undocumented capabilities, and any official integration, such as those in SmartThings labs, might be further using capabilities which have not been exposed publicly.

Sonos is an example of an integration created by SmartThings, still in Labs status, which is not necessarily available to customer developers.

If you could tell us a little more about what it is that you’re trying to accomplish, we might be able to better help with resources for you.

Also, just for clarity, “device type” has a specific meaning in the SmartThings platform, and is a term which is interchangeable with “device type handler.” If what you’re actually asking is a list of every device that might be added to a SmartThings account, again, one of the strengths of the SmartThings platform is that a customer can find a device which the SmartThings team has never heard of and make it work using the capabilities and a custom device type handler. So there is no single list.

And more than one physical device might be able to use the same device type handler. So the number of device type handlers still doesn’t tell you each and every brand and model of device that might be added to a SmartThings account.

If you’d like to see most, but not all, of the community – created custom device type handlers that customers have made available to share with others , you can check the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki. But again, new device type handlers are added every day.

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