List of SmartApps?

Anyone have a list of SmartApps available with the little narrative next to it in a spreadsheet? I’ll make one if not, I’d like to use it when I pitch these products to friends/family on options available.

Also, can you (ST) just make a tab called “all” on the smartapps instead of making us choose between a device or a category?

This would also help wanna-be developers (like myself) to locate code to plagiarize for new projects. Right now you have to guess and wade through source code.

Ok, I started one, here you go. This details the SmartApps, the associated sensors, and the category. I would open it up to edit but I don’t want someone deleting stuff.


Is there anything newer?

No, to be honest I spent too much time on the old one and I don’t think anyone really ever used it.