A list of all device handlers?


Is there a list of all community developed device handlers with description, lastmodified date, a working link to the source code, and a star rating based on community feedback? :slight_smile:


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There is not… but here is a good place to start (and you can add to it): http://thingsthataresmart.wiki

…or you just search the forum for the specific device.

Sorry! Are you looking for anything in particular?


Hi Aud

I for one would find that an excellent idea, currently from what I’ve seen the wiki is still sparse on it’s coverage but really would make the best forum for this.

Currently I find my approach being find an interesting bit of kit -

Check the app in case it’s covered being in the uk that’s more wishful thinking but occasionally I’m surprised.

search the forum for a discussion on integration (90% of the time it is there somewhere) see if there is a device type or relevant smartapp or both.

Find a link to the source repository- make a link in my Github (UK again we don’t have direct Github integration). Add it to my device types on IDE and then troubleshoot from there.

I’ve often looked for a definitive list but not found one and would find it useful.

That said the current approach drives you to read the forum posts in depth and in terms of the learning curve for Smartthings thats a good thing.

I think this is one the leading developers need to agree on as if they are not on board it won’t happen.

I really like the basic idea, and I agree that the wiki would be the best place for it. :sunglasses:

However, I’m not crazy about the idea of community ratings, simply because different people need different functionality. A smartapp that is five star for one person might be one star for someone else just because their use cases are different.

Indeed, the impetus for a new smartapp is often that a particular individual has a use case that is not covered by the existing smartapps. There will be other people who can use the same functionality, which is great, but I would hate to see people discouraged from writing and sharing code because theirs isn’t one of the most popular.

A community rating based on stability would be fine. But the feature sets are going to be different because different households need different things. I don’t think they can always be comparatively ranked.


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I agree with you on the ratings although an option to count like might be a better approach.

A couple of other things I noticed

It can be difficult to get good documentation on the Smartthings developed devices and Smartapps in the IDE. It’s usually there somewhere but well hidden.

Also the Wiki looks to have stagnated a little - probably because the link is not promoted widely so most people stumble across it. Also I know from first hand experience that most people on Wiki’s avoid contributing if they can but are happy to comment on the content (myself included)

I think the question should be whether this is should be a community led knowledgeable or Smartthings facilitated. We could really do with a community curator but there probably won’t be a lot of volunteers for that.

However I think personally I will add the devices and Smartapps that I use to the Wiki at least as a reference for myself if no-one else.

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