Is there a place where I can download all the capabilities supported by the Smartthings app (new)

Hi there,
I m looking for a json with all capabilities supported by the smartthings app.
I know that I can go to:
but I am looking for a single access, not a webpage that I need to copy-paste in my code.
I there a place where I can download that?
I hope that what I am asking make sense for your.

Many thanks for your help.


Just a note. You are asking the list of capabilities supported by the new ST app but it might be different from the list you already have on the page you are referencing. They didn’t implement yet all the capabilities they defined in the documentation per my own tests.

Example: the page says air quality capability is supported but the app doesn’t support it yet (you see the attributes updated in the log of the device, but no gauge shows up). Same for dust particle capabilities.

There are many capabilities which exists, but not listed or documented correctly.
For reference you can use the old classic groovy documentation too.
But we are still waiting for an updated an accurate list.

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