Link Tapo S200B to Smartthings

I have a Tapo H100 hub to which i have successfully connected a Tapo Temperature and Humidity sensor and it is visible in Smartthings through the linked account. - all good so far.
I’ve gone through the same process to connect Smart Button S200B. The S200B works from within the Tapo app but won’t appear in Smartthings.
Anyone any ideas please?

go to Menu > Settings (gear icon) and tap on Linked servcies and tap on your Tapo integration (don’t click edit) and check if it shows in the list. click Done when finished.

That’s maybe where things are going wrong as it doesn’t appear in the Tapo list.

You may want to contact Tapo support as they maintain the integration to ST. It could be the device is not supported or not been integrated at this point (even though the Add page says all your existing devices) or could be an issue on the ST side. I would reach out to Tapo support and see what they say.

Thanks. I’ll do that. Cheers

I’ve contacted TP-Link support and this is the response.
"At present, our smart sensor and smart button have not been fully certified by SmartThings, so some models of smart sensor/button may not be displayed in the SmartThings app.

Hopefully they will be certified by SmartThings as soon as possible so that they can be integrated with the SmartThings app."