Support for Matter OnOff and Level clients?

I was wondering why the Tapo S200B dimmer button is exposed through the Matter bridge (Tapo H100) but does not expose any action. Turns out, according to the CSA certification documents, that it implements OnOff and Level clusters as client, which makes sense being a wireless dimmer.

Is it possible for the driver to act as the server of those clusters and receive their commands? I’m asking because there’s a comment in the matter-switch driver that says:

By default, we do not support Light Switch device types because by spec these
devices need bindings to work correctly (On/Off cluster is client in this case)

If it was possible I could create a custom driver and get rid of the Alexa workaround and a few virtual switches needed to integrate the button into SmartThings.

Edit: Also, according to the document, while it states support for the Level cluster as client it does not support any command like Move, Step, etc. which is weird. For OnOff it says it supports On, Off and Toggle. Guess we’ll have to wait to binding support.

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Hi, @mocelet
Sorry for the delay, I was checking some details with the engineering team.

So, it is correct that client clusters aren’t supported because they require the support of bindings.
There’s a special handling for some cases like the one you mentioned but it is not available for custom drivers since the workaround requires internal configurations.
And for the reference of your device, as it only supports client clusters, it cannot be supported until bindings get implemented but there’s no ETA yet.