SmartThings didn't work well with a Matter Plug-Tapo P125M

When I ues my Matter Plug in SmartThings ecosystem, it seemed to be some problems.

My Matter Plug is Tapo P125M which can be purchased in Amazon. My SmartThings Hub is aeotec hub v3 and the firmware is 46.10. My android phone is Galaxy S10 and my SmartThings app has update to android The SmartThings app in my iphone 13 has update to 1.6.97.

My question are as follow.

First, when my iphone firmware updated from ios 16.3 to ios 16.4, my process to add my Matter plug to SmartThins ecosystem would stuck on iCloud with no continuing until pairing failed, or the app would report have a problem adding this Device to iCloud with error code 39-900. It seemed that this problem didn’t appear when my iphone firmware was ios 16.3.

Second, which occured in my android app, my plug had been pairing to Google Home and I want add it to SmartThings ecosystem to experience Matter special fuction-Multi Admin, it failed in connecting my device half of my tries while other ecosystem such as Apple Home worked well in Multi-Admin.

Third, also occured in my android app, when I add my Matter plug to SmartThings ecosystem, it would add a Google Home fabric at the same time, which lead to wasting an admin I can use.

Can someone help me with the answer?


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Had someone else met matter problems too?

I feedback these matter problems with Contact us in SmartThings APP but didn’t get any useful reply.