SmartThings didn't work well with a Matter Plug-Tapo P125M

When I ues my Matter Plug in SmartThings ecosystem, it seemed to be some problems.

My Matter Plug is Tapo P125M which can be purchased in Amazon. My SmartThings Hub is aeotec hub v3 and the firmware is 46.10. My android phone is Galaxy S10 and my SmartThings app has update to android The SmartThings app in my iphone 13 has update to 1.6.97.

My question are as follow.

First, when my iphone firmware updated from ios 16.3 to ios 16.4, my process to add my Matter plug to SmartThins ecosystem would stuck on iCloud with no continuing until pairing failed, or the app would report have a problem adding this Device to iCloud with error code 39-900. It seemed that this problem didn’t appear when my iphone firmware was ios 16.3.

Second, which occured in my android app, my plug had been pairing to Google Home and I want add it to SmartThings ecosystem to experience Matter special fuction-Multi Admin, it failed in connecting my device half of my tries while other ecosystem such as Apple Home worked well in Multi-Admin.

Third, also occured in my android app, when I add my Matter plug to SmartThings ecosystem, it would add a Google Home fabric at the same time, which lead to wasting an admin I can use.

Can someone help me with the answer?


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Had someone else met matter problems too?

I feedback these matter problems with Contact us in SmartThings APP but didn’t get any useful reply.

I haven’t been able to get this plug to even pair with Smartthings. I have 15-20 failed attempts.

Which hub? What firmware version? Android or iOS?

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So far, I can’t add any of the 2 matter certified devices I tried to Smartthings. I tried Wiz WiFi downlight and Tapo WiFi switch. Both are matter certified and were successfully onboarded to Amazon Alexa as matter devices. Smartthings keeps failing at the last step (registering the device with Smartthings) with an error code 39-517.

I would like to have the Wiz smart bulbs on Samsung so that I can use an Inovelli Z-Wave switch with “Smart Bulb Mode” locally. Unfortunately, matter support on Samsungs seems to be a mess at this time.

My Smarthings Hub is V2 (wired network connection) with firmware version 000.048.00005. My smarthings app is of version and runs on a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 with Android 13 and One UI 5.1.

which SmartThings hub do you own?

Updated my post with all the information.

I currently have 4 Wiz bulbs connected to ST using Matter.

Since these are pre-matter Wiz bulbs, I first installed them in the Wiz App to get the Matter code then used that code in ST. I do not have the Wiz App connected to ST.

If I also connect them to Alexa using Matter they eventually go offline in ST for some reason. So I only connect them to Alexa using the standard ST c2c integration.

Yes, that is the only way they can be added to a matter controller. I added them to Wiz app first. Then I got the matter code for them from the Wiz app and tried to add them to Smartthings without success. Then, I tried to take a screen shot of the QR Code and tried to add them scanning the QR Code. Both methods, fail at the last step (registering the device with Smartthings) with an error code 39-517.

Adding a Tapo WiFi switch also fails for me.

I could easily add them to the Amazon Alexa without any issues, using the matter code.

I believe it took multiple attempts with each bulb before it worked. Including shutting down the ST app, clearing the cache, and restarting my phone.

I am using an Android 13 phone.

If they’re already added to the Alexa app, make sure you are using the one-time code from the Alexa app when adding it to SmartThings and NOT the QR code on the device itself.

@Automated_House, I tried adding it using the onetime code from Alexa too. Even that fails with the same code - 39-517. Just to be absolutely positive, I tried that method again just now, with the same result.

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@Paul_Oliver, I also tried many times. Clearly, matter onboarding, especially with multiple controllers, is a hit or miss at this time.

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Multiple controllers is definitely a problem for ST.

Have you tried factory resetting the switch and add it to ST as the first Matter controller and then adding it to Alexa using a one-time code?

My switch added to ST with no issue as the first controller.

I would like all my devices on Alexa, as it is my preferred platform. I am only interested in getting my Wiz downlights on the Smartthings because then I can control them locally using my Inovelli z-wave switch in “smart bulb” mode, without losing their smarts.

Matter’s multi-platform story is a mess now. I can wait until the major platforms iron their kinks out.

My focus, at the moment, is on another problem. Controlling smart bulbs locally, without losing their smarts. is a common problem for which there are very few solutions right now. The trick is to control both the switch and the bulbs locally, with a little bit of locally run automation. I am almost there, with these locally controlled Matter bulbs and the Inovelli z-wave switch that keeps the power to the bulbs on, even when the switch is off. This Smartthings bug is the only blocker now for me to get there.

A bit of an update on my saga with adding Wiz Matter downlights to Smarthings -

I happened to have an M8 monitor which can be configured as a SmartThings hub. I configured that hub and added to that my account. With that in place, I wanted to see if using this new matter capable hub would make any difference. Unfortunately, I ended up with the same error.

I called Smartthings support and had them create a ticket. That ticket is now in the hands of the level 2 support. They have access to my hub data. I am not holding my breath for them to give me a solution magically though.

Hey I also got a 39-517 multiple times. I unplugged my Smartthings Station and brought it really close to the matter device and then it worked fine. When I plugged it back in it was within 2 feet. Give that a try!

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I bought a Tapo P125M to play a little with Matter myself and am seeing possibly similar issues noted by the OP.

I was able to get it on my WiFi network and commissioned with my Alexa system, then after re-entering comissioning from the Alexa app I tried to find it with the SmartThings app and use the temporary code (from the Alexa app) there…

It seems like it may find it and take me to a screen to “Add to iCloud” with a pop-up about adding my Accessory to iCloud, but after a timeout it provides an error “Unable to Add Accessory” followed by “Something went wrong” and error code 39-900.

I have a Gen 2 SmartThings Hub with firmware 000.046.00010 (assuming I’m looking at the right place)
iPhone 13 Pro w/ iOS 17.0 beta (21A5326a)
SmartThings app version 1.7.05