Tapo Smart Motion Sensor T100

I am trying to add a Tapo T100 Smart Motion Sensor to SmartThings. The sensor is visible in the Tapo App (to link to the app, the device also requires a Tapo hub (H100) and a Tapo Account with a Login ID and password).

The sensor works correctly within the app.

Within SmartThings it is possible to add a device by Brand:
Select Tapo then link to the Tapo Account using the Tapo ID and password and grant permission for SmartThings to access the Tapo Account.

However, no devices show up within SmartThings, not even the hub. Tapo technical support has stated the T100 works with SmartThings (as a sensor) with the exception that motion sensitivity (low ↔ high) can only be configured within the Tapo app… (which is OK).

Has anyone ben able successfully to add the Tapo T100 Motion Sensor to SmartThings (or even the S200B Tapo Smart Switch - which also doesn’t show up in SmartThings)?


Same problem for me, I can’t see the H100 hub, the T100 motion sensor and the T110 contact sensor.

Don’t waste your time with this. Tapo technical support first said it would work with SmartThings, then said it would only work with a Tapo Hub added to SmartThings via the Tapo service, only for them finally to admit it didn’t work and wouldnt work until 3rdQ 2023. I wasted hours.

Luckily i could return all the Tapo devices and get a refund.