Lightify Firmware Updates?

Hi guys, first off, I am loving the OSRAM Lightify products. My most recent addition is 4 Gardenspots. I’ve had issues with those staying connected to ST and accepting commands. At first I thought it was an issue with signal so I added 3 outlets as repeaters and was able to easily add/remove them after that, but I am still having issues controlling them. That said, I think it’s because of power loss. I deployed my entire house with INSTEON initially with INSTEON switches, so INSTEON home automation turns those external outlets on at sunset, off at sunrise, etc. My guess is the power loss is what is causing these issues, but my other Lightify products don’t have this problem, such as their bulbs, so maybe a gardenspot issue? That said, I’ll just disable that and use CoRE to control those lights off/on, etc, to prevent this issue assuming that is the cause.

So, on to the purpose of my post :slight_smile: I’ve heard with the firmware update of SmartThings hub we can now firmware update Osram Lightify devices. How do we do that? I have a feeling my issues may be resolved in a firmware update.

Are you only having issues with the Gardenspots or all of your Lightify lights? I have noticed when using the custom Gardenspot DTH that it doesn’t control my Gardenspots very well, so I use the OSRAM RGBW DTH for all of my Lightify products and have had great success.

Do i understand correctly that your garden spots are plugged into an Insteon outlet that gets turned on and off?

Correct, but I have since disabled the INSTEON turning them on/off. The outlet now just remains on.

Only my GardenSpots. I’ve never manually changed the DTH, so I would assume I am on the manufacturer/smartthings one? How can I check?

I had a ton of trouble with mine before they updated. Good luck.

I believe this is the DTH. What DTH do I need and how do I get it?

ZigBee RGB Bulb

Check in the IDE, to see what you’re using now. This is the DTH I use.

ah, ok. Did you disable the Insteon outlets before joining the garden spots? Reason I ask, if if you joined them and then cut power, and then restored power they might not have re-joined the zigbee mesh right. Have you tried a zigbee rebuild/heal at all?

You are correct, that has occurred. How do I do a ZigBee rebuild/heal all? I’ve removed them and I’m trying to re-add them, and I’ve only been able to re-add 1 out of the 3.

Ok, so I’ve implemented the DTH you said on one of them. On firmware check I no longer see any versions, I only have a ‘check version’ button and it doesn’t seem to do anything. Can this DTH do firmware updates?

Yes, it will update but it takes awhile to show updated information. Mine currently shows Current Version: 0x01020492 and same for Target Version.

Disconnect all power from the hub (including batteries) for 15 minutes. Power back up and give it an hour or so to re-map everything.

Make sure you have the zigbee OTA updates option on (IDE Hub Utilities) Apparently when hub firmware updated to 17.12 today, the option was reset to off for Lights.


Can also confirm that the Zigbee firmware update works on 17.12 with the Lightify Garden spot lights.

So, I’ve done the ZigBee repair which did make things better, but my main issue at this point is I can’t get the garden sports to firmware update. I got all my other RGB lightify lights to upgrade, but the garden spots won’t.

Try putting your lights close to the Hub if possible and run a check for firmware update in the hub.

That’s the thing, it shows me the versions not matching, etc, so it’s talking to the hub about the firmware no problem, just not pushing out the new one. I also set the OTA for ZigBee to all devices, and checked with the current setting to make sure it said for all devices. After I did that my other lights updated, just not the garden spots.

Maybe just let it sit for a while. Mine took about 10 minutes to show updated.

Ok, so here’s what I found. The lights need to be turned OFF before they will update. So turn them off, then tell it to check for updates, etc.

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