Lightify Gardenspot turning on randomly

I recently purchased 3 sets of Osram Lightify Gardenspots. Two of the sets are perfect, only come on when the automation turns them on. The third set, however, turns on randomly once per day and at random times.

I’ve done a lot of reading through the forums and it sounds like this used to be a problem and then Osram released a firmware update that fixed it. So I’m looking at my Gardenspots in the IDE and these are the firmware versions:

#1 0x01020205
#2 0x01020492
#3 0x01020492

#1 is the one with the issue. I tried turning on the OTA updates (including lights), but the IDE says it’s already on the target version, which means either SmartThings doesn’t have a newer firmware version or this set isn’t update-able.

Is it possible to have a set that is older and not capable of updating? Or is SmartThings not able to do OTA updates for the Gardenspots? I’m wondering if I should contact Amazon and see if they’ll replace this set and hope for one that has the newer firmware.

Or, you could buy an Osram hub to perform the firmware updates. I use to do that with my bulbs.

The bulbs were joined to ST, but I would move them to the Osram hub to update firmware. When they were done updating I would remove them from the Osram hub and rejoin them back to ST.

You could try moving the problem strip closer to your hub. Maybe it’s too far away to do the firmware update? Although if you can still turn it on and off, it’s too far away I guess.

The gardenspots are about 10 feet from the hub, only one external wall between them.

I’m seeing this issue as well and am investigating. I don’t think this will help but you can try rebooting your hub and then try to get the device to update again by clicking “Check Now” in the IDE.

I have a similar issue with two of my Gardenspots that have the older firmware always going offline. I bought these recently from Amazon. I hope we can get the firmware updated soon.

I tried to do that last night and it didn’t do any good.

I’ve also tried unplugging the hub and removing the batteries for more than 15 minutes and reconnected it while the Gardenspots were also unplugged. Hoping to keep the Gardenspots from having too much traffic route through them. I saw one post that said they reset because of too much relay traffic. Buffer fills up and they panic. I just checked and that same set is currently on again. So either rebuilding the mesh didn’t work or something else is going on.

I sent SmartThings support an email about it on Oct 28th, but haven’t heard anything back yet.

I got a response a few minutes ago. Out of the three sets I have, they say the problematic set is possibly an older revision hardware and the firmware it is on is matching what Sylvania says it should be.

Their exact answer:

It looks like the 1st is potentially a different iteration of hardware or using a different chipset than the other 2 and isn’t supposed to be updated to the same as “2” and “3” or hasn’t been released by Sylvania yet

So I guess the question is, do I invest in an Osram hub just for firmware updates (the risk being that there is no firmware update for this set) or do I try to get Amazon to swap this one out (the risk being I still get an older set)?

I too have one with the 0x01020205 firmware. Bought about 2 months ago from Amazon.

I’m past my return window with Amazon by a week. I guess my only hope is that an Osram hub will allow me to update the firmware, but it’s a gamble.

I emailed Osram to see if they can tell me that this set will in fact get a firmware update if I buy their hub. I guess I could buy a hub and try it and if it doesn’t work send it back.

I was a bit more cavalier. I just ordered a hub from Amazon. Who can’t use more useless tech anyways, right?


Good news. I received the Osram Gateway today and it does in fact update the firmware of the Garden Spots to 0x01020492.


If anyone in the Phoenix area needs theirs updated all for the low low price of a beer. :slight_smile:

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I went ahead and bought one as well and it also arrived today. I just finished getting the set updated and joined back to smartthings. We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully no more random turning on.

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