Issues with lightify devices

For those having issues with lightify devices.

I had the garden spots either need to be power cycled or resynced every few days to a week, constantly.
Also the tuneable white lights need to be resynced periodically especially after power outages…
I finally bought a lightly hub from amazon and updated the firmware on all the devices and have not had a problem since.

The reset for all lightify devices is on, off, on off etc 5 seconds each and then on the 5th time for 10 seconds to reset.

hope this helps others.

My gardenspots have been coming on randomly when there was no reason for them to be on. I recently had the firmware updated via ST under the beta program. Still no big difference, only thing I noticed the lights now fade off and on. Still having issues with them being on during daylight hours. I have reset them since the firmware update, although I’m able to control the lights, they still come on randomly.

FYI… ST is currently beta testing OTA updates for OSRAM lightify lights/bulbs.

what firmware the latest from osram is : 0x01020492

My firmware in any of my 10 osram devices never updated through smartthings.

yes, they is the version ST sent out in the beta

never had mine turn on randomly … weird, recommend you try a plug it zigbee switch/booster near the lights… if definately helped me.

also check zigbee channel in relation to z-wave/wifi channel. i changed my zigbee channel to 19

Only thing is I haven’t moved any of the sets and all was fine, until maybe a week before I even knew about the beta. I thought the beta would fix it.

my common problem was the lights staying on and not being contolleable, are you sure that is not what was happening to you. usually a simply power cycle fixed it, occasionally after power outages that would not work and i had to re-add them to smart things.


there is an undocumented feature for smartthings and at least zigbee devices (not sure about zwave).
You can re-add the device without removing it and removing all smartapps which can be very time consuming. It will not say the device was found but the device will blink indicating it was and then control can be resumed.

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How can you change the zigbee channel?

your right… i forgot i changed the channel of my hue hub to not be close to the channel on the smartthings hub or my wifi.

we really do need an app to manually set the zigbee channel in smart things… at one point they said they would add one, but removed all references to that page.

This is NOT an undocumented feature and is NOT for SmartThings. This is how ZigBee work, they each have a factory set Zigbee ID that can not be changed. So if you put the device into inclusion mode and have the hub searching, once included the hub recognizes that ZigBee ID it will automatically just put it back where it belongs.

Z-wave network Ids are set by the hub and will change every time they are included/excluded. This is why there is the " repair/replace" option to re-include a " broken device" . The hub has no way of knowing if it is re-including the same device or a new one. It just sees an available device and assigns it an ID so it knows who it is talking to.


Other than “it is on the horizon” do you have any other information? I mean the V1toV2 tool was on the horizon too…

If ST wants to test with me, I have many (Strips, garden, tune able whites, and RGBWs)

I can out-nightmare all of this. A dumb guy builds a brand new smart home utilizing around 80 OSRAM LIGHTIFY bulbs throughout the house. Everything worked VERY well for quite a while, until gradually becoming high maintenance. I am now constantly resetting bulbs on one of around 20 circuits I have, and it doesn’t always work. Some circuits seem to be much more reliable than others, but NONE are immune. My watch reads a quarter to snap, and I could really use ANY advice on how to regain the control that I enjoyed so much a year ago.

Put more zigbee switches between hub and the devices