Osram Gardenspots

I am having trouble with my Gardenspots. They aren’t responding to any of the commands in the app, yet the app is showing the status such as on, off, color change. The spots just stay on and are a pinkish purple.

I removed them, did the cycle on and off 5 times till they flashed, repaired to the hub, and still have the same problem. I’m not running any other apps ( such as smart lighting).

Anyone else having a problem with them, or have any suggestions?

Do you have the lightify gateway? You might want to check if there is a firmware update for them. Those always fix connectivity issues. If you noticed that they only flashed the purple color instead of cycling through various colors during the pairing process then that means you are on older firmware and need to update.

Thank you. I do have the gateway, and looked for an update. There was only an update for the gateway, but when I unpaired it from the Osram gateway, and back to ST it seems to be working. It is a bit slow to respond, but it is working :smile:

Nice ok, if you suspect that you may not be on the latest firmware I mentioned above you should email Osram and see if they can push an update to your device while it is connected to their gateway. I had to do this only to find out that my gardenspots were stuck in an update and I had to warranty them out. New ones took the latest firmware and have no connectivity issues.

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