Light Switches?

(Stephen Bird) #1

Hey Everyone,

I’ve got about 8 light switches i want to buy replacements for that are smartthings compatible. I’d like something that has dimmer support but it’s not needed.

There’s such a huge list i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions? What’s the best light switch i can get?

Light Switch Options
New GE Line of Z-Wave Switches/Recepticals (127XX Series)
(Gary D) #2

For dimming:

For non-dimming:

Avoid the iris/ge/jasco switches for dimmers (unless you are 100% positive that you’ll never use low wattage bulbs such as LED’s - which is unlikely these days.)

My personal idea of “best” is that it works properly, and isn’t overpriced. There are technically better switches available, but at a higher cost. In some cases, a significantly higher cost.

(Mark C) #3

You don’t actually need to outright avoid Jasco if you know what to look for. They have a newish series of switches that work 100% with LEDs, in my experience. The main difference is that their new dimmer module requires a neutral which is necessary for proper functioning with LEDs. They also have a slightly updated blue indicator light on the switch (smaller than earlier versions).

Dimmer: JA45712
On/Off: JA45709
Auxiliary (for 3+ way setups): JA45710

I’ve had zero problems. Ordered from HomeControls.

(Douglas) #4

Interestingly, the new 457** series are apparently only being sold to contractors/electricians/etc. Clearly HomeControls isn’t making that distinction, but it sounds like other places will be.,23969.msg198169.html?PHPSESSID=bddb94a9abae289f5ca2f457f039b284#msg198169
"The 457xx series are not available to retail channels, they are meant for the service industry only - ie contractors/installers. We have them in stock but can only sell them to contractors/installers/electricians."

(Nathan Cook) #5

I agree on the JASCO comment. I have a bunch of LED can lights in my house on Jasco/GE dimmers the key is making sure your minimal wattage is above 40, I think that what the spec say. For me they work great because each room has 4-6 of the cans in it so even with LED the load is above 40 watts. If you are talking about a single light LED say in a bathroom or something then the load may be to low. The newer Jasco/GE ones have true LED compatibility (i,e. lower minimal load requirements)