Which switches to get for led fixture

I am going to be replacing some switches in my house and one of them (or actually two - it’s a 3-way circuit) controls a light fixture in my kitchen that has four small LED lights (kind of looks like small track lights). I have heard that the GE/Jasco zwave switches will not do LED.

I actually would not want to dim this one, just on/off. Can someone recommend a switch that would work? Or are there any other considerations here?

Jasco/GE make many different models of switches. The ones that do not require a neutral don’t work well with LEDs, but the ones that do require a neutral wire work just fine with LEDs. So you just have to read the specifications on each model. This is their manufacturer website:


Lutron Caseta are well-engineered devices, and most of their models do not require a neutral wire but still work well with LEDs (they have a bunch of patents on their technology). However, they will require the Lutron SmartBridge in order to integrate with SmartThings. (One smartbridge can support up to 40 Lutron devices.)

So the exact options available to you will first depend on the wiring for the switch you are trying to replace.

In concert lighting and sound, I have run into this. It is called “ghost current” on non-Pulse Width Modulation dimmer circuits. I would plug LED Christmas lights into dimmer packs and they would stay on at 0%. PWM dimmers do not do this.

Since you are talking about not wanting dimming, you could go with a smart switch that uses a relay to trip the circuit. I do think Jasco/GE make switches that do just that. I know the Leviton switches DO have relays in them.

For dimming, I know for a fact the Levitons handle LED just fine. All of my bulbs on dimmers are LED. They do have a way to program the load type (CFL, Incandescent or LED) and for fixtures that strobe below a certain level, you can set a minimum.

If you are lucky enough to have a neutral in the box, then most smart switches or dimmers will work for you. If you do not, then your choices are severely limited. Good luck.