Recommendation on dimmers with best intergration

I’m looking to jump ship from Staple’s Connect to Smart things. I’m also in the middle of adding an addition to my house, with 3 rooms that are planned to have dimmers.

Currently I have older Lutron Dimmers, (Non networked, Green LED’s). All of my locations have neutrals. No threeways at this time, but possible in the future.

Anyone have suggestions on a good “connected” dimmer to buy that works with SmartThings.

  1. Green LED (But I can live with blue, or Off)
  2. If there is 3way application, I think I’d prefer a traveler wire application (Eliminate the dependency on ST)
  3. Cost is not the consideration, features / stability is.
  4. I’ll have LED bulbs on the ends of these switches, and these are for bedrooms, so I’d like them to dim as much as possible.

The GE Switches are very popular and reliable.

These can be found at many different locations (Amazon, Sears, Lowes, etc).

  1. Blue LED
  2. These do use traveler wire for 3way and larger
  3. Most switches work fairly well on their own when ST cloud is acting up. It will only be able to control the lights, instead of being able to run full automations (such as running routines or changing modes) without the cloud.
  4. They list Full Range Dimmability on the page.

One thing to note, if you already have Lutron switches, you will likely need to re-use those faceplates (or you can buy new ones) as these don’t come with them

I can tell you that Linear switches dim better and to a lower lever than GE as I have both- maybe GE has improved since 2014. The one thing you will not get it Double Tap with the Linear which I do miss. :frowning:

Just out of curiosity, why are you leaving the Staples Connect platform?

Well, I’ll probably ride the staples connect horse till it dies. But no updates in a year, no new devices in a year. It looks like it’s limping, so to speak.

If they bail and shut the web service down,I want to have a plan to move forward. Everything I got right now, with the exception of the motion sensor cameras, will directly work with ST.

The cameras I was disappointed with, and was going to replace them with an independent solution anyway. (D link cameras, they lockup after a few weeks, need to be power cycled, then they’re fine till they lock up again)

Thanks. This has me concerned as I might be installing a new HA system for my in-laws in their vacation home. I want something reliable, which I know Staples Connect has the reputation of being, but certainly not something that won’t be supported in a few years. Also, I was planning on installing those Dlink cameras for them, so now you have me second guessing Staples Connect completely considering no one will be living there to power cycle cameras.

I might have to look into Insteon or Iris depending on my in-laws requirements. They aren’t sure yet if they can replace their locks due yet (might need to keep them uniformed with development). Insteon’s lock management is their weak spot apparently.

It’s a bit a mixed bag. The staples connect hardware is Dlink, and the software is developed by Zon-Off. Neither of which are exiting the space, and are trying to expand their footprint. Staples hasn’t put any kind of intent out there, in either direction. They still have a rock solid hub experience, they could come roaring back and take the consumer HA crown.

For the camera’s, I got the DLink’s cause they could be used as motion sensors for the “alarm” system I was building. They worked well, when they worked. When they locked up, that just plain sucked (and I wouldn’t know it unless I looked).

I added a motion sensor to the rooms that I was using the camera’s as motion sensors. I’ll replace the camera’s some point, and most likley use the Blue Iris software.

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Does both ge and linear not have the double tap?

My Linears don’t work with Double Tap, Ge’s are fine.

You could always put them on an appliance outlet, and remotly recycle them. Yes I know that defeats the point, that is why I am looking at different camera’s. A guy at work swears by the HIKVision camera’s, and has run them for over a year with no issues.