New GE Line of Z-Wave Switches/Recepticals (127XX Series)

Anyone know any info on the new below list of GE items? Are they just an upgrade to the old 456XX Series that now has multiple colored rocker switches included? Look similar, but firmware?

12718 - Plug-In Smart Dimmer Module (LED Capable)
12719 - Plug-In Smart Switch Module
12720 - Plug-In Outdoor Smart Switch Module
12721 - In-Wall Smart Duplex Outlet
12722 - In-Wall Smart Switch (Rocker)
12723 - In-Wall Add-On Aux Switch (Rocker) 3-Way for 12722/724
12724 - In-Wall Smart Dimmer Switch (Rocker) (LED Capable)
12727 - In-Wall On/Off Toggle Switch
12728 - In-Wall Add-On Switch (Toggle) 3-Way for 12727/729
12729 - In-Wall Dimmer Switch (Toggle)
12730 - In-Wall Ceiling Fan On/Off Switch (Rocker)

45600 - Remote, Basic
45601 - Remote with LED display
45602 - Plug in lamp module w/Dimming
45603 - Plug in appliance module On/Off only
45604 - Plug in appliance module On/Off only, outdoor rated
45605 - In wall outlet socket
45606 - In wall Dimmer, No neutral required, can NOT be used in a 3way setup.
45607 - ??
45608 - Advanced remote control (Zwave, Home Theatre)
45609 - In wall switch, On/Off only, requires neutral
45610 - 3way Aux switch. Requires neutral
45611 - ??
45612 - In wall switch, Dimmer, 3 way possible, No neutral required (AUX still requires neutral)
45613 - Kit, 3way dimmer -> Contains one master switch (not sure of which model) and one Aux switch (45610)
45614 - Kit, 3way, on/off -> Contains one master switch (45609) and one Aux switch (45610)
45631 - In wall keypad controller

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I installed a new GE Dimmer 2 weeks ago that came with the new packaging and almond colored rocker switch. Looks identical and functions the same…

I have heard the LED and Air Gap Switch spacing is different, wondering how they look next to each other in ganged up, anyone have a side by side pic?

I have the 12730 Ceiling Fan and it works great. Also some of the new LED dimmers - not sure of the number on those probably 12724

There has been some discussion on the forums about the new line. Looks like up until now they were white-boxed from Jasco and available to contractors and at a few retail outlets. Now that they’re in proper GE packaging, perhaps we’ll see broader retail availability. I have a ton of the new dimmers (these have neutrals, works great with LEDs), on/off switches, and a few ceiling fan switches all working flawlessly.

Here is a link to some discussion on the new dimmers and on/off switches: Light Switches?

Here is a link to some discussion on the ceiling fan switch: Has anyone tried the new GE Z-Wave Ceiling Fan Wall Switch (12730)?

Edit: Forgot to add, there are subtle differences in the way they look compared to the old models. The LED is slightly smaller and the air gap switch may be a little different. I prefer the way these new ones look.

Do they look bad mounted next to each other? Anyone have a photo of the two next to each other?

I have seen a photo of the 457xx’s (45712, 45710, ect.) next to the older generation 456xx’s. (45612, 45610, ect.) However I can’t seem to find it again. I happened to like the look of the new 457xx’s more, as mentioned before the air gap is smaller and the led light looks to be a little farther set in which might not be as bright but looked cleaner.

I’m unclear if the 127xx’s are supposed to be the same as the 457xx’s or if there will be a difference in them. I know the 457xx’s are only supposed to be sold to contractors and installers directly, No longer sold direct to consumers.

I guess I should have read the posts a little better @mkmark is correct. Everything I can find appears the 457xx series are the Jasco switches in white boxes, and the 127xx series are available to consumers in a proper showroom floor boxes.

Looks like they are just separating the GE-JASCO lines into Retail Boxes (GE 127XX) and Contractor White Box (JASCO 457XX).

The new 127XX and 457XX appear to be very similar and comparable to the older GE/JASCO 456XX line that we’re boxed and labeled interchangeably; except they come with two interchangable faceplates/rockers (White/Lt Almond). Also heard a Black/Brown faceplate/rocket option coming later this year.

Can anyone confirm this or more?

New 127XX Retail Boxes, I haven’t seen them on any retail floor:

Looks like they are trying to match their new GE Link Bulb ($14.97 @ Home Depot) packaging, which I have to say work very well on ST & Wink, they have a very nice form factor and are LED Dimable and 3 sizes… Device Type comes up with a nice slider for the dimmer.

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Just got my first GE 127xxx in my hands, let me say I’m as impressed as I was with the GE Link Bulb packaging. GE has done a great job with their packaging and even the directions a full page, vs their previous little booklets. Look at their branding on the side of the box, looks like they are truly dedicated to being fully compatible with all brands and any type of light bulb…

Note they even give you the white neutral wire now and the off white rocker is included…

Side-bySide view (New 127xxx on Left, Old 456xxx on the Right), LED Smaller on new series, but pretty close…


Jim - where did you order yours from? Also, can you post a photo of the back/side of the dimmer?

I got all mine from

The dimmers (45712) I received were white boxed - the fan control (12730) was in the retail packaging like what is posted above.

I need some new LED recessed housings to test the dimmer function but first impressions are good.

@jimmay3, here’s a set of 4 devices. One on the right is the new fan control switch, and the others are on/off switches from Lowe’s.

Hummm, wish they put a little more effort into matching the LED’s up…

@jimmay3, I bet they made them smaller because the larger LED’s are really bright at night and customers could have been complaining. I have just a few old switches left to replace with zwave devices, so I’m hoping Lowe’s doesn’t change over too soon because I want to stay consistent with my other switches. I wanted the fan controller, so I had to make an exception in this case.

The air gap switch is also noticeably different. The new one pulls from the bottom vs the side. It’s a bit easier to use, and it fits better in the opening filling it up a little better.

I saw one of the new green boxes already on the shelf at Lowes yesterday, in the IRIS section…

@jimmay3 did you notice if the part number was the same or was it a different number for Lowes like we have seen in the past?

No, same part number, 127xx. Looks like GE is focused on one product line for all retail, should help to keep prices down too. Nice too get both colors too. All are in nice green packaging, except the aux switch was gray.

@jimmay3, yup saw that too here in the Carolinas. It was GE’s new outlet that the stores around here had on the shelf.