Light keeps coming on randomly Sylvania/Osram lightly rt 5/6 rgbw

I have three of the Sylvania/Osram lightly rt 5/6 rgbw recessed lights. They connected right away and they seem to work great except they keep turning themselves on randomly. This is waking up my wife and ruining the smart home experience for her. Any ideas on how I can fix this?

That was happening to me with the garden spot lights. I switched to WebCore for the lighting automation and no longer to they go on and off.

What do the logs say is causing them to turn on ?

I don’t see anything

You’re not using Stringify, are you?

No, just the V2 Smartthings hub.

Here is another light (same type) that just did the same thing.

Did you check if there are any automations which are connected to these lights?
Check if SmartThings has not pushed out any firmware updates for those bulbs.

I have had the same issue. Things it has been for me in the past

ST checking the Firmware
ST Updating the Firmware
The bulb freaking out because too much traffic relaying though it
Some thing on the Backend that ST had to fix. They never told me what. At first they said a user was doing it in the app. I explained EVERYONE was asleep at 3am. After a week and a half of silence, I got a message back that they found something in the back end and fixed it.

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