Light bulbs going "offline" daily

Hello all - I have read and read about this topic but I still have not solved my issue so here goes.

I have daily occurrences of 3 to 5 Osram bulbs going “offline”. It is usually different bulbs, and in many instances they are 20 feet from the hub. I have almost 100 bulbs in this house, about 55 or so are Osram lightify Tunable White LED Flood. I have a V2 hub. Here is what I have done to try and resolve this:

  1. Turned off “Device Health”
  2. Changed my wifi so the channels are outside of the zigbee channel range
  3. Added many outlets to build a mesh (Many of the bulbs that go out are within 10 feet of an outlet)
  4. Moved my hub to a more central location in the house and did a hard reset a couple of times to rebuild the mesh
    5)Updated the firmware on all of my bulbs to the latest (A whipping with so many bulbs)

I can’t think of anything else I have done at the moment, but I have been fighting this for a while. I simply reset the bulb and search for new things so the bulb blinks indicating it is re-found but it is a pain doing this to high, recessed bulbs daily. Occasionally I will lose a motion sensor or a Sengled bulb but rarely (I have about 50 or so of those too). The really odd thing is that most if not every day several of these bulbs are very close to the hub.

Any advice is appreciated.


Dark in Ohio Daily

  1. Are you also controlling those bulbs via a switch that can manually turn them on/off?

  2. I use to have Osrams, and they drove me nuts like this. I got rid of them and went with Cree. I know you can’t do that if you like to tune them, but have you updated the firmware?

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Manual switches are not used.

I have updated the firmware on all of the bulbs.

I don’t think Cree makes a BR30 smart bulb do they?

Not yet, good point.

i’ve only got a tiny fraction of what you have and i have drop outs

i think samsung’s zigbee implementation needs some work

For the last few weeks some of my Osram A19 bulbs have been going offline. If I remove then apply power the bulb will reconnect. It may stay connected for a few hours, days, or even a week or so. I have all tried removing the devices and reinstalling them but the results are the same. No other devices are affected.

When I first installed the V2 hub and the devices (Bulbs, sensors, motion detectors, etc.) the system was highly reliable. Unfortunately that’s no longer the case. When the bulbs go offline and aren’t triggered by schedule or sensors, we end up stumbling in the dark. Most of the bulbs are within 30 feet of the router with no intervening walls. My 2.4GHz signal is channel 6 (if that makes a difference)

Any ideas?

Definitely report it to support. Unfortunately other people have been reporting the same thing, but we don’t know yet if they’re all related.