Osram Lightify (Zigbee) stopped working


All of my Lightify bulbs (9 of them) have just stopped responding. I can’t even turn on via the app, it flicks straight back to off. Trying to update the device via the API (as an experiment) failed with a 500 server error.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Everything else seems to be working fine.

My Osrams are operating normally. This is peculiar, I’ve never had issues with this bulbs before. Contact support.

I had a weird zigbee outage last week where all my bulbs (mostly GE Links) appeared to fall off ST, but my motion sensors were acting strange too. I suspect it’s actually a hub issue where commands aren’t going out to the bulbs.

I would definitely contact support, but consider giving it several hours and a hub reset if you can before doing anything drastic like trying to reset/re-pair all those bulbs.

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Me neither. The fact they’ve all stopped working suggests to me this is SmartThings.

I’ve just emailed support, but guessing there will be a delayed response over Christmas.

Ah - I’ve managed to change type to the stock Osram Flexstrips and it works. Try to change back to your improved version and I get the 500 error. Could the API have changed?

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That is frustrating, but the API shouldn’t have changed. That 500 error usually means general trouble in ST land. I’m still using my devicetype for my Hue bulbs with no issues (but in US). I’d say to email support, but it sounds like they’re off for the holiday already anyway.

I really think it’s just busy or malfunctioning servers at ST and will fix itself for you in a few hours if you wanted to try again.

All of my Zigbee bulbs (8x GE Link) stopped working around 23/Dec as well. I still have a support ticket open.