Osram Lightify Bulbs and hub connections

Hi some advice would be welcome.

I’m slowly setting up a smart home and so have a smart hub V2, with 4 osram bulbs and the standard kit that came with the hub including a samsung power outlet (UK).

I added a new bulb and wanted the zigbee network to reconfigure and so followed the advice of turning off the hub and taking out the batteries and waiting 15-20mins.

When the hub came back on nothing that was a zigbee device would connect (i.e. all the samsung stuff and the osram bulbs. I’ve got one motion detector that is zwave and this kept working as well as the nest app I had installed.

I reset several of the bulbs and the power outlet but they wouldn’t connect to the hub. So I deleted my location in order to reset the hub and start again.

After much resetting I managed to get one of the bulbs to reconnect but it won’t do anything like turn on and off/Dim/change color.

The power outlet also connected after a few resets and then wouldn’t respond for a while but now does work as expected.

All the bulbs and the outlet were within 2 feet of the hub.

When I reset the bulbs using the on/off 5 times method they only flash once not 3 times.

So my question is…

  1. why have all the zigbee devices become so unreliable all of a sudden - having worked for 6 weeks without trouble? Any ideas?

  2. Why are the bulbs only flashing once? Am I not resetting them properly?

Any help much appreciated.