Connected bulbs

I am looking for a basic connected bulb, I don’t need color or even dimming capability. I have an Osram bulb but it doesn’t always respond; it will say its off but clearly it is on. I can unplug and plug it back in and it will for several days.

I’ve read about buying the osram hub and updating the firmware but I don’t want to buy another hub to run my lights if I don’t need to. Is there a reliable light that can work with smarthings without the need for an additional hub?

I would like to put these bulbs outside and just leave the switch in the “on” position without worrying if its working or not. My wiring isn’t correct for the actual connected switch and access the fixtures is difficult for use with a remote switch.


Have you checked out LIFX? I don’t think they need a hub and they work with SmartThings. I don’t own them, but I hear good things.

I’ve had good luck with the Osram bulbs outside my garage, buy only after I put a Zigbee plug in the garage to function as a relay. I think the problem you are having is probably due to the distance the signal has to travel. They don’t seem to have as much range as other Zigbee devices.

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These bulbs don’t need a hub but they are wifi controlled. Integration with ST is cloud to cloud.

Look into the Cree Connected bulbs. No separate hub needed. They are zigbee. They have two color temperatures, soft white at 2700K and daylight 5000K. The soft white is similar to incandescent bulbs being slightly yellow. The daylight version is a bluer white. I prefer the soft whites. The Cree bulbs cast light not just up and away from the base like most LED bulbs but also down toward the base; therefore, they resemble a traditional incandescent bulb more than most. They cost about $15.

Im gonna try and mess around with my osram a little more but cree seems like what I need. The outdoor fixtures have the bulb pointing upward so I definitely need a bulb that reflects light downward and I would like the natural light selection for outdoor.

Thank you!

If you can find them in stock, Lowe’s has the osram lightify bulbs for $9, the color temperature bulbs for $18, and the full color for $27 until the 3rd. Stack them with for even greater savings.

Also Lowe’s has a ZigBee/Z-Wave plug in repeater for $23.30 until the 5th. That may solve your issue with the osram bulbs. As far as I know, the osram firmware issues do not involve the lights not responding. It involves issues with buffer overflow (which apparently has been resolved with a hub update) and mesh repeating.

I have a floor lamp with a Cree bulb. Most LED bulbs would just cast light to the ceiling, this bulb cast light to the floor also. With the soft white color and the light pattern, it is very similar to incandescent bulbs. I picked up 1 daylight version. For me, it is too harsh of a white. I put it in an a light fixture on the back porch. On the package, it says daylight in blue or soft white in yellow to the left of the cutout for the bulb.

$27 is a good price for full color bulbs.

Buy two and use a $15 off of $50 coupon and get them for under $20 each.

Dimming is a good feature to have and most smart bulbs will have it. I use dimming a lot more than I expected to.

Another option is to buy cheap dumb LED bulbs then put a smart switch in. One switch and a few very cheap bulbs would cost less than replacing several bulbs with smart bulbs. Test your wiring with a multi-meter to see if it’s how it’s not correct.

does anyone make a 100w connected bulb?

LIFX makes the brightest bulbs. Theirs are 75w equivalent. Not sure if there is anything else greater than around 60w.

There are 100w bulbs but they are mostly flood light types or the dumb spiral CFLs.

The CREES are available at Home Depot - Daylight is 15 and cool white is a buck less. I like the daylight myself. Using one on an end table and will replace the other one soon.

I set up 3 levels of light using 3 virtual switches - that way I can change it using Echo. I could not find a way to get Echo to sim.

I have 2 of the GE - no issue myself, though others have.

FWIW - at around 10% my kill-o-watt will shows zero watts :slight_smile: For me - just fine for TV viewing.

I tell Alexa to set my lights to levels, Cree and GE, with “Alexa set bedroom light to 50%” and it works great. I don’t think you can do that with Alexa Groups though.

I recommend the Cree’s as well, haven’t had a single issue. The GE’s drop out from time to time.

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Thanks - did not know how to dim. What other tricks are there that are not obvious :slight_smile:

Well, everything I know is obvious at this point :sunglasses: so not real sure how to answer that! :slight_smile:

When Alexa doesn’t do what I demand, I just reword it until something happens, like asking for colors, that’s kind of hit or miss with different devices. Just try variation of anything you want, might get lucky!

I have 3 Osram bulbs from Lowe’s in an Alexa group. Just the other day I asked her to set living room lamps to 75 and she did it. At least I think she did?? Hmmmm

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To respond to the original post. I have 4 Osram bulbs and they have worked fine. 3 are located in same room as the hub and the 4th is upstairs.

But I agree if you don’t want dimming, or any other features. Using dumb bulbs with a smart switch would be how I would go.